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  1. IF you get tickets... I'm saying we are paying $40-50 to TRY to buy tickets. Come on. You know what's going on today. No need to chastise me or anyone.
  2. thank you - that isn't clear from the instructions on the website, which seem to indicate that anyone who is verified would have received the email already << Once Verified, we'll send more details the evening of November 13, 2017 with updates and tips to prep for the Verified Subscriber Presale. >>
  3. When Springsteen did a lottery for his broadway show all people had to do was sign up and hope to receive a code and an opportunity, They certainly didn't have to pay $40-50 for it..... is this really happening??
  4. Same here, I haven't gotten an email either. I'm in Canada and use a hotmail email account.... I wonder if there is a pattern. I have not received an email, nor has a friend of mine. Can someone advise what we should do? We are in Innocence.
  5. Are there different GA sections? I have been offered GA 12 and GA 13 for Philly. Is that just going to dictate where I enter... will I have access to the whole GA (save the red zone) or will I be stuck in one area based on my section (12 or 13 for example)?
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