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  1. I have redzone for the show tonight at msg...should I be concerned that I didn’t get an email? I have a hard ticket and assume the entrance is in the same place as the I&E redzone ... did people line up ridiculously early for redzone? I know this was the issue in the JT tour..I took the day off from work just in case.
  2. I plan on getting there early if you want to hang with me? Im going alone too- how much do you want for the ticket maybe I can buy it for my nephew,.. wither way- I will be there early and you are welcomed to join me...
  3. If you want to be on ANY of the rails you will miss out on the visual experience and I have to tell you,,, you do not want to miss out on that! I have never seen anything quite like it before and its so impressive! #1- people are lining up 24 hours in advance of the shows for the GA line #2- there is no gurantee #3- again, once you walk into the arena you will see where the best spot to stand in GA will be... #4- hard to say- but there are certainly a lot less red zoners in line than GA peeps - Considering you havnt been to U2 since 87' you are in for a treat! and so is your daughte
  4. Mike To answer your question above.... I do not know if there were other red zoners in line last night that did not have ID as I only spoke with a handful of them. What I do know is that Emma’s announcement was pretty clear to me that if you bought from a reseller you are getting in just not getting the commemorative ticket. I watched EVERYONE go in at the same time at 5:30. HOWEVER….. They were brought inside the arena. I did not see the actual ID Checking process and I do not know what happened once everyone was in fact inside. I cannot imagine they let the non TM people wait unt
  5. Your Welcome- I hope it eases some of the concerns.... I know I feel better about the whole thing!
  6. Everyone went inside at 5:30 regardless of ID, my impression was that we will all go in at the same time. As for the screen- AMAZING and you definitely want to see it if it is your first and only show. Since I have already seen it, If I don't get front rail in red zone, or depending on how crowded the E stage is when we get in.. I may just go directly there... Either way, no words can explain how amazing the show is…
  7. Just got home… I got to the red zone line at 4:45 and was surprised to see only about 25-30 people there. I questioned a few people in line that have been to several of the shows- Yes you will get an email from Emma basically telling you where to meet on 31st and 8th, you can't miss it. You ARE required to bring photo id to get your wrist bands… Between the 100 degree heat and THAT .. I thought I was going to be sick! I wait till 5:30 pm when "emma" came out to greet everyone and bring them inside- again surprised and the 50 people tops at this point. I spoke with a blonde employee who wor
  8. Hi Mike Im on my way to the arena now- I actually have an assigned seat for tonights show but I plan on asking as many questions as possible to prepare for my red zone show which is on the 27th! I'm hoping to meet the infamous Emma or even get some feedback from fellow red-zoners… Its the hottest day of the year so far so I hope I don't confront cranky peeps… Ill post as son as I can!! Gina
  9. With all of the ticket re-sellers out there selling these tickets I find it hard to believe that we are the only ones stressing about this! Additionally, with NY being the last US stop, I also find it odd that no one can confirm that they too purchased from a re-seller and what their experience was…?? I emailed the Ticketmaster customer service yet doubt they will respond. I texted the guy I bought the ticket from on Ebay, no response… just gonna have to wait and see if anyone is kind enough to post on here and let us know…
  10. I will even try to track down "Emma" and talk to her on Sunday if I can....Im certain many people are in the same boat as us and there would be chaos if they refused entry... Im sorry but entry to regular GA is not sufficient if we "purchased" red zone... I texted the guy I bout the ticket from on Ebay and asked him to call Ticket Master and provide an alternate pick up name but.... that is expecting a lot... I think we just have to wait and see ... Il keep you all posted
  11. I have regular tickets for Sunday's show 7/19 and I am thinking of going early to find out where the red zone line is and see first hand how it is handled so I am prepared for Monday 7/27 when I have red zone tickets. Im certainly going to be asking questions and observing to make sure I have a smooth entry on the 27th... Ill keep all informed if no one else posts by then!
  12. I hope you are right Mike! I just cannot imagine them checking every ticket holders photo id and credit card in NY! Im hoping people post how the process goes tomorrow night.... Ive been losing sleep over this!
  13. I do have a hard ticket but the above states credit card and phot id so that could potentially be an issue... so stressed.
  14. I assume you have redzone seats which is why you got this email. I have a pit in my stomach now.....
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