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  1. Without going into too much detail HIGHLY recommend NOT TO buy aftermarket Red Zone tickets EVER based on fan experiences witnessed personally during the first 5 shows of this tour. These were from "legit" aftermarket vendors. 

  2. Hey folks, posted this on another fan forum but have been doing a little sleuthing and found these things interesting. Apologies if they've been covered elsewhere -- I did search (:


    So...here's what I have put together...

    The guys seem to all be in LA (with the exception of Bono's [?] attending the Global Fund conference in Montreal this weekend)


    The IHR gig on the 23rd has been heaving advertised as featuring "mind blowing collaborations".

    As of last count there were 7-8 bands in the Friday night lineup... 


    Bono's been seen at Drake's show in LA this week and "magically showed up"at One Republic's studio today. I'm starting to  think this may be a PRIMARILY collab show. Which, could actually be pretty f-ing interesting. Otherwise U2 should be starting around 3 am if the acts are playing sequentially. Scoping the support talent? Rehearsing?

    What do we think? 

    I'm not sure if I'm onto something or have gone completely tinfoil hat. Help a sister out....

    PS: It's Vegas. I'm putting $5 on a full-stage all-in "ONE" finale (:


  3. I understand Foo Fighters performed last year at this same event.  It is a benefit for UCSF Benioff Children's Foundation.  Does anyone know if tickets will be made available for the benefit for people who don't attend the conference?


    It's both part of the big Dreamforce conference and benefit as you noted. There are like 100,000+ people there. The venue holds 16,000. So I doubt it. But hey - its U2 anything can happen. 

    I wonder if this will be the first ever Dreamforce GA line. *orders sharpies

  4. I got a pass through a friend of a friend who owes me a favor
    The show is at the Cow Palace which holds 16,000. 
    This is going to be the weirdest U2 concert crowd ever tho


    So yes, Mark Benioff and Salesforce sponsored the tour and Benioff gives a lot of money to ONE (I also think he may want to BE Bono) -- this may be part of the deal. Bono's hung out/spoke at the conference before a couple years back, so there's a relationship there that's grounded in a mutual interest in philanthropy.


    Still - that crowd tho. Anything post Achtung Baby may have half the people heading to the bar.

    But more room for actual fans. 

  5. Should probably post this elsewhere but I know for a fact those of us who just spent the week in Dublin, or part of it, from all over the world, got to bear witness to some extraordinary events last week. Concentration is very difficult but the love I felt from meeting new friends and old, the camaraderie, the shows, the interaction with the guys in the band, all of it -- you just can't explain it to someone if you weren't there. And I have a new level of appreciation for every man in that band just from a few little interactions and actions on their parts. At  the heart of all of this I think is the fact is probably the most obvious -- this band is about affirming the power of love and life over all other contenders. Never have I felt that as deeply as I have this past week, despite having seen many many other shows over the year.


    Just saying what I suspect many are feeling today and wanted to give a huge global hug and thanks to the incredible fan community, and the band. The Jacques Brel song has been in my head all day...


    Ne me quitte pas
    Il faut oublier
    Tout peut s'oublier
    Qui s'enfuit deja
    Oublier le temps
    Des malentendus
    Et le temps perdu
    A savoir comment
    Oublier ces heures
    Qui tuaient parfois
    A coups de pourquoi
    Le coeur du bonheur


    Ne me quitte pas 
    Ne me quitte pas 
    Ne me quitte pas 
    Ne me quitte pas 
    Big love, one love to you all.
  6. You can go anywhere in GA though if you have MZ tickets correct? Same as RZ anywhere else... in other words... get in, and go for a space on the GA rail rather than hanging out in MZ. Can someone pls confirm -- this is how RZ has been everywhere else. Also -- can anyone confirm that MZ is let in at same time (6:30) as GA? Or a few minutes slightly after to let the first 100 or so GA fans in? 

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