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  1. Without going into too much detail HIGHLY recommend NOT TO buy aftermarket Red Zone tickets EVER based on fan experiences witnessed personally during the first 5 shows of this tour. These were from "legit" aftermarket vendors.
  2. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017 Pasadena

    Lost count of how many shows we have seen together

    © Adrienne Allen

  3. I loved that look - the long jacket and vest with the embroidered quotes from the US Declaration of Independence was incredible. I know it's specific to that character but in general it's a fantastic stage look for him
  4. Sil is legendary ? #siliseverywhere
  5. The actual quote was "COSMIC twins" due to birthday proximities xD -- had to recheck the video.
  6. From the album: The Joshua Tree 2017 Vancouver - TOUR OPENER

    MADE IT. Bono signed it despite it being worse for wear after a rough time in transit DUCT TAPE for the win

    © Adrienne Allen

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