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  1. Nothing yet...but that's cool that it sounds like they are starting...
  2. Thanks for the stars whoever did that. I am grateful to U2 and in particular Bono for re-awakening my activism and hope.
  3. allad1nsane00

    i+e Dublin

    Most beautiful week ever. Will try to post as much of the video and photos as I can.
  4. From the album: i+e Dublin

    Thousands of us marched to city hall tonight in solidarity with the victims of the Orlando shooting. Our banner: They Will Not Take Our Pride: Love is Stronger than Fear

    © Adrienne Allen

  5. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Great cap from @mysteriousdays video -- a fabulous split second birthday serenade for us (: BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVER.

    © Vidhya Magendran

  6. Awesome fundraiser for Nile Rogers We Are Family Foundation honoring Bono and President Jummy Carter
  7. From the album: i+e Dublin

    Dawn, Mark, Adrienne at the rails Dublin 3 (photo Justin Kent)

    © Justin Kent

  8. I love that the Brazilian crew brings the POP vibe. So cool.
  9. So great. So grateful I was there for this -- AND your takeover of the MSG stage. Discotheque Forever!
  10. Thanks Eli! Pretty sure we'll see each other soon in the coming year! (:
  11. This was so fantastic. You were GREAT.
  12. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Caught it from the e-stage last July in Chi. Since then it went CHI > SFO > NYC > SFO > DUB > SFO > NYC, where Bono was kind enough to sign it before the We Are Family Foundation gala. This [partial] book has more frequent flier miles than I do at this point. And BTW -- if the person in Chicago who was kind enough to agree to split the book (half) into quarters with me as it was a tossup who caught it. I am forever grateful You are awesome.

    © Adrienne Allen

  13. allad1nsane00

    i+e MSG

    Trying to finally collate all the video and photos from multiple nights into one place. Apologies if I mixed up the nights -- its all a bit of a blur!
  14. From the album: i+e MSG

    © Adrienne Allen

  15. From the album: i+e Chicago

    Feeling sentimental with a few friends today.

    © Adrienne Allen

  16. From the album: I+E Tour Art

    Another one in this series messing with different treatments to photos I have personally shot of the band and whatnot. Huge thanks to Bono for stopping to sign the now-infamous 'Alice in Wonderland' half that travelled over 6000 miles from when I first caught it off the e-stage in Chi2 before it finally got reunited with the guy who threw it.

    © Adrienne Allen

  17. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    The gala's goal was to raise 1M for Nile Rodger's WAFF. Bono signed this guitar last minute and helped put the auction price over $100,000. Photo by Vid.

    © Vidhya Magendran

  18. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    So great to see him and Vidhya getting a chance to chat a bit. Just wonderful.

    © Adrienne Allen

  19. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Vidhya and I divided duties: I kept the camera rolling while she got the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Book Fragment" signed by B-man. I caught from the e-stage in Chi, it travelled to NY to SF to Dublin to SF and back to NYC before it finally got back in Bono's hands for an autograph again. He also told us how quite a few of the famous paper fragments from the i+e pre-intermission got stuck up in the rafters in Paris and then came down during Madonna's show there a few nights later (: SO GREAT.

    © Adrienne Allen

  20. From the album: i+e Dublin

    About 20 minutes before the meet and greet. AMAZING weekend. So cool to see the B-man looking and sounding GREAT. Bono's in Beastmode!

    © Vidyha Magendran

  21. Thanks for the featured pic! That book went from the e-satge in Chicago > SF > NYC > SF > DUBLIN > SF > NYC to be re-united with the awesome guy who threw it to me last July. THANKS BONO!!! And extra thanks to Vidhya!!!
  22. From the album: We are Family Foundation Gala

    Looking and sounding GREAT Bono tore the roof off the We Are Family Foundation Gala and was extra great spending time with fans before hand. Someone looks tour ready...!!!

    © Adrienne Allen

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