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  1. Pinging again -- anyone know whats up with Music Gen Zone in Dublin? Is the venue map accurate?
  2. Hey folks, I notice the e-stage and catwalk arrangement is a little different for Dublin. Anyone have any insight about the "Music Generation" VIP areas as they look a bit different from the standard Redzone areas. Also, any tips from folks doing the MG VIP experience who many have any insight? I assume its like RZ where you can basically wander about GA as you like and go back into the VIP section to secure a bit of breathing room during the show. Also I assume the cue practices are the same as RZ, but any info would help. Thanks!!!
  3. @Kevincfcu2 Thank you. I think I might have got it sorted out, but I will def take you up on that if there's an issue. @Lobmans I am hoping that is the case but just making sure I've got a plan in the event we have a logistics issue. THANK YOU folks. Looking forward to meeting more of you guys!
  4. Found the help I needed. Thanks all. See you in Dublin!!! Have an excellent day.
  5. I might have a spare as well that night due to a friends travel not working out. Will sell at cost or trade for GA that night (its in section L) Please PM me for details.
  6. Interesting. I've had nothing but great RZ experiences during the American shows (2 times at MSG) because you could move around the whole GA floor and then back to the MainStage RZ when it got too crowded or I wanted to go back closer to the MainStage. I've done seats and GA as well for this show. GA has been great, the only advantage to RZ was not having to cue. Although in good weather, that can be a great part of the whole fan experience IMHO. Question though for Dublin folks familiar with 3arena: I have "Music Generation" zone tickets for 2 shows, GA for one and seats for one. The setup looks very different though. The Music Generation area is where the E stage usually is (at the end of the catwalk) but the E stage appears to be in the middle of the GA area. I know I'll have a great time regardless, but am curious about other European fans. Were you able to leave the RedZone and come back. Anyone know if there are different rules applicable to "Music Generation" than RZ? Emma was AWESOME in NY but I don't know if she'll be doing the same bit in Dublin. Any insight appreciated.
  7. My Highlights for MSG #7 and #8 -- Trading a literally down to the last minute GA ticket to get Mirrorball Mark in to the show (AND him getting onstage!) -- Meeting Mason in the front row of the MainStage and charging his phone before the show started. Little did he know he would be brought up onstage to KILL IT during COBL with Bono a few hours later. It was his FIRST ever U2 show and that was his experience (: My first show was in the nosebleeds in Giants stadium in 1986 during the Amnesty Conspiracy of Hope tour. However, this being pre-911, and having about 20 acts before they came on, by the time they hit the stage we were 3 people back from the rails. You can still see our Canadian flag in footage from that show near the front on Edge's side. -- Satellite Of Love with Laurie Anderson in the audience. Beautiful. I remember he used to riff on that particular song a lot (see Live Aid). Loved Lou and thought this was so amazing. -- Realizing I was standing right next to Julian Lennon about an hour in (: -- Springsteen/Stand by Me -- Getting Bono-tized for the 5th time this tour (: -- FINALLY getting to meet and greet (sort of) with Bono after 20+ years of trying. He was resting his voice but posed for a photo with a sign from the Canadian couple next to me. Gracious and lovely, as expected. In Dublin I'm going to see if I can't get an autograph of the half copy of Alice in Wonderland I caught in Chicago. Wish me luck. -- Meeting so many of the #U2Family in person finally -- Watching Chris Rock go off to City of Blinding Lights Two of the best nights of my life. Just unreal.
  8. By a series of miracles [really] I'll be there for all four shows. I don't drink so Im more than happy to be a designated [walker?] LOLOL Representing the Canadian Mirrorball Mafia via San Francisco
  9. I'm so excited! Thanks to the help of some amazing fan/friends I got a ticket for Friday! Still looking for ANY ticket for Monday or Saturday!
  10. I am looking for a SINGLE RZ or GA ticket for any/all nights except Monday/Tuesday in Dublin
  11. Yup, I'm going from San Francisco for the Tuesday show and hopefully Monday. Trying to lock down Thursday and Friday now too!!! This will be my first time in Dublin. Any tips? Wait... OMFG I AM GOING TO SEE U2 IN DUBLIN!! [it's still sinking in]
  12. I have 2 GA (hard tickets) for tonight. Would like to go RZ. If anyone wants to trade at face I will pay the difference.
  13. allad1nsane00

    RZ at MSG

    Ok, thank you for all your answers, in return I'd like to offer up some of my own thoughts on Rail positions (: I've been to all the SJ and CHI shows and here is my advice. GA experience: If you are GA, and early, what I have done is opt for a rail a little bit back from the stage to start the show. Then I've loved being able to back off the rail and watch the overheads. You won't get your rail back, so if you really want to stay in one place against the rail for the whole show my opinion is you may miss out a bit. Even if you are farther back from the eStage you can see great from the floor and won't get your view blocked by a sea of iPhones with people reaching over their heads to get a better shot. That's been my only beef with this show. I've been guilty of it b/c its so awesome to be close to the band, but was really sensitive about blocking other peoples view behind me. Eventually I just stopped with the photos/videos, b/c there is more on insta and youtube then I could possibly need from any show. Back to the strategy...you can move down to the e-stage during and then position yourself accordingly for the rest of the show, I just kind of followed the band's lead the first couple of shows and it was great. Wound up 2 people back from the rails at the estage most nights which was great. I think this time I may lock onto the rails upfront on thursday. The Redzone rails are off to the sides of the stage but the band plays to the corners a lot so its still cool, and you won't get as squashed -- as people get drunker prepare for drinks getting spilled on you. Bono usually takes care of rinsing that off though -- I've managed to get Bonotized 3 solid times already (: If I was only seeing one show this is how I'd do it. If you are doing more than one show, either GA or RZ, I would try to get MainStage rails for one show and eStage rails for another. Hope this is helpful. The other nice thing about RZ is you can wander off down to the stage and get back closer to the MainStage then you would in GA when they move back there. Thats probably the best advantage from my point of view. Im so in love with this tour!!
  14. allad1nsane00

    RZ at MSG

    Got it THANK YOU!! For some reason I never got this mail!! Any other advice on best chances to see if I can get one of the boys to sign my Bono-sweat copy of Alice in Wonderland per my questions above about soundcheck Q. I am so excited!!
  15. allad1nsane00

    RZ at MSG

    Oh geez -- One last LAST question: the backstage raffle bit. My understanding is that you have to be checked in to the RZ by 4 and they announce it at 5:30ish? Is that info accurate?
  16. allad1nsane00

    RZ at MSG

    Great thank you! Yet another Q: Sometimes they go to the GA line, sometimes they just do autographs by the artist entrance/loading dock -- where is the best place at MSG to try for? Usually they show b/t 130-3 for soundcheck but I haven't been to MSG in ages and can't remember where the soundcheck/loading entrance is (or if that matters) Thanks!!!!!!
  17. allad1nsane00

    RZ at MSG

    Oh sorry one other question: My ticket is RZ2/VIP -- that is edge's side correct? Does the VIP designation mean anything?
  18. allad1nsane00

    RZ at MSG

    Super helpful thread everyone. I have my first ever RZ ticket for the MSG show Thursday (saw the San Jose and Chicago shows too GA) -- just so I'm clear -- When RedZone/GA opens up you go past the eStage first? I've done eStage a couple times and its been great but thinking of trying for MainStage rail for this show because of RZ. Am going GA Friday too. Last Q: I caught one of the books (well, half of it) he threw in Chicago and really want to try for an autograph. What time do folks usually Q around the loading dock area or wherever the artist entrance is for soundcheck (and, is this the best place to try?) if/when the band says hi to fans? Thank you!!!!
  19. Heya does anyone have any advice/info for (Red) Zone cue-ing etc for the MSG shows? Different doors? Same process for GA?
  20. Hey folks, I'm new but just came off of 3 nights of GA in Chicago and was GA in the second night of San Jose, great seats in 100s for the first night. I just bought my first Red Zone ticket ever for MSG. First off, GA is AMAZING. Even if you don't cue up you'll have a great view. I loved to hang back a bit from the B Stage where you can dance etc. You can also move in and out of the red zone whenever you want down to the B stage or wherever. While I had a great time in GA, RZ totally worth it in my opinion...after the first couple of songs if you wander away from the rails you'll never get your spot back (still cool though). With RZ you can actually get back close to the main stage This show is OFF THE CHAIN and I can not WAIT for MSG. This was my view from GA night #3 Chicago. I got there around 615.
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