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  1. Ok thanks! It's just a numbering system they use to track the number of tickets they sell for GA.
  2. Anyone in Chicago get GA tickets today? Mine say GAFL9 any idea what the 9 means?
  3. I finally got 2 General admission in Chicago by using the TM app on my phone. Purchased at 10:55 am local time. Oh man what a hassle! I kept clearing the cache and starting over and over. Keep the faith and try over again if you didn't get through!
  4. I finally got through in Chicago for general admission. Purchased at 10:55am local time via the TM app on my phone. What a headache I was in tears!
  5. This is unreal!! I too have been trying all morning right are 9am no way the GA and Red Zone were all gone by then. What's the point of the fan club code?
  6. I've never gotten GA for a show, are you being literal about having to line up at 6am to get close to the stage? I'm only 4'11 and worried I won't see a darn thing unless close up.
  7. Absolutely gutted to hear about David Bowie's passing. RIP

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