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  1. Annyone know if i have to renew subscription before 20th november for European leg that is not announced? I am pretty sure i can renew a bit later on, but would like to hear from other fans.
  2. My subscription ends in febr. 2018. Do i really have to renew earlier for European ticket pre sale? Or is this different from USA pre sale? Kinda worried, why text the code, it worked fine for me last time.
  3. Love it !! Dance Dance Dance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Dat vak vooraan doet me een beetje denken aan Zooropa tijd in de Kuip
  5. Dit is een duidelijke foto. Zijn er ook toevallig beelden van voor de show als het publiek er nog niet is?
  6. I am kinda small (5"1). What's the best tactical approach for a shortie who cannot queue for a long period? Will i be able to see when i get in just before Noel is going to play his set?
  7. ^ ""Look what you've done to me, you've made me very famous and i thank you""
  8. Thinking about going Red next leg. Just for the experience.
  9. Hello i'm a longtime fan. Love to post about U2 and other things. Each time they blow me away, whether it is with emotional stuff or a kick ass version of Bullet. Also like 80's bands and cooking.
  10. Listening to Gavin Friday. I like his music, it's good. Each man kills the thing he loves is a strong debut. Great voice as well.
  11. Just a nice little chat with the checkout girl in the supermarket. Nothing big or hip or happening.
  12. Good storie, i'm a longtime fan as well. Wanna go red zone text time. Wow ... caught the paper plane, you lucky devil !
  13. I'm putting you in charge of balloons! 40 years is awesome indeed. What is the exact date?
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