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    Achtung Zooropa Boy Pop
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    Ultraviolet (Light My way)
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    1997 Pop Mart LA Coliseum
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    The Joshua Tree 30th San Diego
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    All of them, but Pop Mart Stands out for 1st and Rose Bowl NLOTH because the claw!
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    Bono, Adam

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  1. Family vacation from California, first big trip for us, dragging my 2 big kids to the show. Cant wait ??almost a week to explore, and take it all in.
  2. Dublin is a go for Friday's show. Ecstatic and cannot wait! 283 days!!!

  3. I was able to get 1 GA for Chicago 2... Don't ask me how. Thank the Gods for that bit o' luck. Chicago here I come. :D:D:D

  4. Ga for LA was instant. With the link sent in the text at about 4am this morning... Chose 2 tix: Code: Seating: Verify and Pay. Good luck to you all <3
  5. It really sucks that true die hard fans are having to go through such bullshit. I am sorry. I am also thankful that I made it through. <3 Keep ya heads up. xoxo :Zoo_Baby:

  6. I got my text/code at 4am...Got my GA for LA... I am a happy camper and have zero bad things to say about the new system. Fan 4 Life means just that. <3:D

  7. 2 tickets per fan club membership right? So that will cover my LA tix. I registered through ticketmaster for general public for Chicago and Nashville. Register for each show you want to attend...Easy Peasy. 

    1. Ksauce


      how do you register for each show?

    2. yourblueroom71


      Through ticketmaster, once you link your ticketmaster thru U2.com. You choose your presale shows to start through u2.com and then you choose general sale for other locations you would like and they will text you a code for each on sale day.  https://u2tour.tmverifiedfan.com/

  8. Going through show photos, posting, and hoping to pass the time now that the tour is over. I am having withdrawals. ❤?

  9. Sunday at the Rose Bowl will be my 1st GA experience. I am excited and nervous :) :) and cannot wait. full circle since JT tour in 87

    1. moyabean


      Same here, blueroom! I saw them for the 1st time in Rochester in '87. LA2 will most likely be my first GA experience, too. I have both seat tix and GA tix and need to decide what to do.

  10. got tix for Rose Bowl... my 13 year old daughters 1st u2 show. Can't wait. <3

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