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  1. Hi Everyone, I got the boat down to the o2 with Edge last week and it was brilliant! I then got to go on the u2 stage at the 02!
  2. This week The Edge has appeared in a video for UK Leading Learning disability Charity Mencap supporting our #StopSleepInCrisis Campaign
  3. Aww Thank you so much! i will watch the clips now! My twitter address is @ciarale01 so feel free to give me a follow!!
  4.  Hello!  Thanks for your email. xx 

  5. Hia! Thanks for your message, I didn't hear the shout out but i was proud to be seen !
  6.  Hi Everyone.   I am Ciara Lawrence, I am Edge's cousin.  I have a learning disbility and i work at UK Leading Learning disability charity Mencap of which Edge is an Ambassador!

     our website is,  WWW.MENCAP.ORG.UK 

    My twitter is,  @ciarale01 


    1. pain_18_


      Hi !!! You're awesome !!!!

      Tell  The Edge we need more guitar on the new album and more real drums.....Don't overthink it.....

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