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  1. Hi Everyone, I got the boat down to the o2 with Edge last week and it was brilliant! I then got to go on the u2 stage at the 02!
  2. Aww Thank you so much! i will watch the clips now! My twitter address is @ciarale01 so feel free to give me a follow!!
  3.  Hello!  Thanks for your email. xx 

  4. Hia! Thanks for your message, I didn't hear the shout out but i was proud to be seen !
  5.  Hi Everyone.   I am Ciara Lawrence, I am Edge's cousin.  I have a learning disbility and i work at UK Leading Learning disability charity Mencap of which Edge is an Ambassador!

     our website is,  WWW.MENCAP.ORG.UK 

    My twitter is,  @ciarale01 


    1. pain_18_


      Hi !!! You're awesome !!!!

      Tell  The Edge we need more guitar on the new album and more real drums.....Don't overthink it.....


    Hi All,  Did any one see me at Twickenham Stadium on the 8th of July at the U2 Concert?  I was featured during the Her-Story feature!

    I work in the campaigns and activism Team at UK Learning disability charity Mencap!


    DEwy2YoW0AAVedJ (1).jpg

    1. pain_18_


      More experiments on SOE......Tell Edge if u can !!! We're the fans and we deserve this !

  7. Hi All, Did anyone see me at Twickenham Stadium on screen as part of her Her-Story Feature on the 8th of July? My name is Ciara Lawrence and I am Edge's cousin and i work for Charity Mencap. www.mencap.org.uk
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