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  1. Roger, Illumination. Thank you. Once again, images show colossal crowds taking to the streets against Trump | USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/01/29/colossal-crowds-pack-american-streets/97218668/
  2. He is not "about to do the same," he has already done it. Remember, Hitler, and more recently Hugo Chavez, as well as several other contemporary autocrats, were democratically elected, and the Democratic structures of those countries that were supposed to contain such horrors, were unable to. It is much much much easier to tear down a Democracy than it is to build and sustain one. Something has to be done. People should get out, if they can. Get out and fight back from abroad. But, understand, as soon as these guys get more organized, an American leaving the country in opposition
  3. Hi Tigerfan, Thanks for your words. I agree. The one little thing I might add is that the call for securing the southern border is not a stupid one. The border really does need to be secured. But, a wall is a stupid and expensive way to do it. Drones, sensors and other technologies will much more effective, and less expensive. But, it is less Trump's "Mexican rapists" that we need to worry about. Rather, Latin America is being used by other nations, largely Iran, to infiltrate the terrorist groups it sponsors into the Western Hemisphere. There has been significantly increase
  4. Somewhere on one of these threads about Trump, I read earlier today someone who said they thought Trump would last, at most, two or three years before being impeached. Maybe it was Illumination, I am not sure. I have been thinking about that statement since. I wasn't going to respond because I am not entirely clear on what is happening, and I thought that maybe I ought to hold onto at least a few specks of caution and not run my mouth about everything. But I am so exhausted from all of this, so demoralized, and I have said so much at this point, that I figure if there is danger
  5. ...cont... ...you've gotten me going now... You know, I didn't hear anything about u2 in five years. I didn't even know they had released the (wonderful) Songs album and staged a tour. I was too busy trying to extricate myself from the cruelty and criminality that ensued the last time I hung out around here, and was fruitlessly trying to do anything I possibly could to warn folks in DC against this disaster that is Trump (which was in the works for some time, despite people's total and arrogant oblivion to it). Obviously, I was completely ineffectual in these efforts. R
  6. ...cont... You know, these guys get to live, largely, above and outside the fray of all this other crap the rest of us have to deal with. I don't envy them their position, and I think they earned it. I am just sorry I don't have the same option to escape and find a little relief! They could have turned away from the world at any point. They no longer need to be engaging with us "for money." Once one has what they have, one will always be able to generate revenue. So they don't need to screw us for funds. I am sure they keep playing music and launching tours because it is fun for t
  7. Man, I think if I were these guys, especially Bono, I would take my money and my good life and go off and enjoy it while it is still possible to do so, and tell the rest of us to screw off (maybe he would stick with the justice development work, though. Nobody who is benefitting from that is complaining!) I would perfectly understand were he to make such a decision and am surprised he has not already put a finger in our faces. They don't owe us anything. They have already given so much for so long and it seems to me that the haters are just growing in number as the years pass. The whol
  8. And here are the Republicans arguing for institution of the female military draft calling it a "woman's right." http://www.ibtimes.com/republicans-want-draft-women-military-gop-debate-focuses-female-troops-2297187 Of course women should be allowed to serve in the military if they are capable. But to frame a female draft as a "woman's right" is just a perversion coming from those who think we should be denied all other rights that make us anything other than receptacles of their foul and bitter semen, baby machines, cheaper labor and cannon fodder, apparently. I guess they are plannin
  9. Makinit66-- we are living in a hateful, post-reason world. And these people are Fascists. We can only go down from here. There is no up on this trajectory.
  10. Smart, justified Mexicans are establishing a boycott of American products and consumer services: McDonalds, Coke, Starbucks, etc. I hate to see these great American companies hurt. They are victims of Trump too. But, if they hurt, the pressure will eventually land on Trump, and people have to do whatever they can to protect themselves and fight back in any way that they can. I suspect publics around the world will soon follow suit as they feel the Trump threats move closer and closer to their homes. Pity for America. I genuinely pity her. The damage this man is doing to this c
  11. I would very much like to receive haven in your's or another country, Oneders. Thank you for your words of commiseration. We are so screwed.
  12. see article above. The day after election, in the same Capitol Hill locale that I heard Trumper's last night calling the Women's Marchers "skanky bitches...who need to be put down," a bearded member of the Trump Taliban (I did not realize that is who it was initially), asked me what I thought of the election. I replied (and this was all I said), "Well, I think Democracy is very fragile." At which point he was in my face, this bearded hulk, pointing his finger and hissing at me, "You better be careful...you are tiptoeing very close to treason" and then screamed at me to get out of the
  13. PUNISHMENT Donald Trump Is Determined To Spite Every Woman For a man who claims to be pro-life, Trump showed this week that he cares very little for the lives of women at home or abroad. “Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” said Donald Trump, defending in a presidential debate comments he made about grabbing women “by the pussy” without their permission. It’s safe to say now that if you believed him then, you’re a sucker. After a wild few days of sweeping orders, bizarre public appearances and unhinged Twitter tirades, it’d be easy to paint President Trump as “unpredictable.”
  14. PS--i listened to two Trumpers at a bar on Capitol Hill last night refer to the women's marchers as " skanky bitches" who "should be put down.". 3 million of those were US citizens! Really? We are expected to extend compassion and understanding to these thugs? Really?
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