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  1. Edge played at Women's March??! THANK YOU!!!!! I was so busy working on the international side I had no time to follow what was happening inside the country, and I did not know. I am so delighted! Thank you so very much, Edge. Really thank you so very much!
  2. That seems like a reasonable deduction ....that fan club members are selling their tickets on stub hub for profit. I doubt the band benefits from that. Maybe. I don't know. They may simply not realize how unethical their fans may be being. Or they can't stop it without stopping the pre-sale for everyone. Every U2 ticket I have ever bought has come from StubHub or, in one case, a scalper in Boston. But I still paid face-value for that ticket.
  3. Hello, again. Hey, I was thinking about the multiple-screen staging I mentioned at the head of this thread. I had considered that set-up at arena scale, because I thought you guys were playing those. But, if you are going to play stadiums you could do that set-up still and, given the extra space of a wide-open field, the audience would be able to walk around and about and travel to different screens. It could be an innovation of the entire concert experience, actually, to have a GA audience in somewhat random and constant, interactive motion around a space. It would present a huge tactical and safety design challenge, but certainly could be done. ​And, one could leave much of it to the fans and their phones. I am sure they would quickly establish and share the passages that allow one walk safely through the crowd and loop around to the various areas of the field. It could be worked out. I am sure. Someone from Disney could help figure traffic flow out! You know, this theme I am suggesting would work just brilliantly with Joshua Tree. So perfectly, actually! I am sure you already have a plan. I also imagine it takes a very long time to design and build tour staging. But...if you have any interest, any interest at all in this idea... and if there is any way at all to pull it off on such short notice.... ...You could just split the Innocence screen into lots of smaller ones... I know you need rigging and feeds and everything, but I have complete faith in engineers. Engineers can do anything. Oh, come on! Shoot. Please??? You know this is a killing concept! ​At least the screen and theme parts are, if not the walking.
  4. Travel package for one person / Travel package for two people ?
  5. This looks like a nice thread. Bonaroo looks like a great festival! I love festivals.
  6. Sing: "Shiny Happy People Waiting for the Tour.....!" ​shiny happy people waiting for the tour....!
  7. Sing: Shiny Happy People Waiting for the Tour.....! ​shiny happy people waiting for the tour....!
  8. You seem to be assuming that the JT album will be played at the front end of the show - that doesn't need to be the case. They could easily play for 30 minutes, introduce then play the JT, then play for another 30 - 45 minutes. Oh, I am so excited!!!! This Will be SUCH A GREAT SHOW!!! And I like the playing the album backwards, bit -- live, on the instruments! And sung backwards too! Because we all know that U2 can do anything.
  9. *skips by singing... There's a Tour Coming! There's a Tour Coming!!
  10. "...[Adam] also hinted that they’d be debuting some new material that would 'herald the future' for U2." Could one be anymore of a tease, any more compelling than this? http://www.thejournal.ie/u2-to-play-croke-park-this-summer-3177044-Jan2017/?utm_source=shortlink
  11. They've announced show dates!!! Oh my gosh...I am gasping, gasping!
  12. Yes, I saw Bonnarro confirmed in other press, as well.
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