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  1. Roger, Illumination. Thank you. Once again, images show colossal crowds taking to the streets against Trump | USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2017/01/29/colossal-crowds-pack-american-streets/97218668/
  2. He is not "about to do the same," he has already done it. Remember, Hitler, and more recently Hugo Chavez, as well as several other contemporary autocrats, were democratically elected, and the Democratic structures of those countries that were supposed to contain such horrors, were unable to. It is much much much easier to tear down a Democracy than it is to build and sustain one. Something has to be done. People should get out, if they can. Get out and fight back from abroad. But, understand, as soon as these guys get more organized, an American leaving the country in opposition is likely to not be able to get back in. Not that one would want to. It is just a matter of time....and not even that much time, I don't think. I need a rescue.
  3. Hi Tigerfan, Thanks for your words. I agree. The one little thing I might add is that the call for securing the southern border is not a stupid one. The border really does need to be secured. But, a wall is a stupid and expensive way to do it. Drones, sensors and other technologies will much more effective, and less expensive. But, it is less Trump's "Mexican rapists" that we need to worry about. Rather, Latin America is being used by other nations, largely Iran, to infiltrate the terrorist groups it sponsors into the Western Hemisphere. There has been significantly increased activity of this sort throughout Latin America over the last years. Intelligence warned of this several years ago, and Joe Biden scoffed. Gee, thanks Jo Pa. Here is an article showing the effects in the first 24 hours of Trump's refugee ban, which has held people outside the country or prevented them from leaving airports, including Iraqi nationals who risked their lives to help the U.S. People who had their lives threatened and, in some cases, family members killed because of their willingness to work with the U.S. Also, a female genomics scientist hired to work in a Boston Lab. And others. You know, some of the world's "best and brightest"who we definitely want coming to our country to help do things like, oh I don't know... like cure disease. Donald Trump has broken America's promise to the world And people are already suffering for it. http://www.vox.com/2017/1/28/14424528/trump-refugee-ban-impact
  4. Somewhere on one of these threads about Trump, I read earlier today someone who said they thought Trump would last, at most, two or three years before being impeached. Maybe it was Illumination, I am not sure. I have been thinking about that statement since. I wasn't going to respond because I am not entirely clear on what is happening, and I thought that maybe I ought to hold onto at least a few specks of caution and not run my mouth about everything. But I am so exhausted from all of this, so demoralized, and I have said so much at this point, that I figure if there is danger for me, I have already locked it in, and it just doesn't matter what I say or do now. So please let me share with you another little bit of insight I have picked up while wandering around this town for the last years trying to figure out what is going down. These Trumpers I met-- former congressional reps, intelligence and defense folks, etc -- who are behind this guy, said this to me, and it is key, I think, to understanding what is happening. This was what finally began to crystalize things for me after years of wandering around in the fog. I am going to just write in quotes what was said to me: "Look, it doesn't matter who runs for president in either party-- Trump, Clinton it doesn't matter. They are just faces and they could be anybody. The only thing that matters is whether you want your country to be a singular powerful one in the world, or just another weak, average country on the same level as everyone else. If that is what you want, than Hillary Clinton is your girl." Here is what I think that means: The people behind Trump consider themselves Patriots. They believe the United States is close to losing its status not only as the global leader, but as a Nation State altogether, as globalization continues to take hold. They consider this an existential risk. And they are fully willing to put anybody in office who they think will stop it. Even a Fascist. But their vision is so archaic, so out of step with the modern world, that the only path they have to making sure such a backward candidate wins is to harness the portion of the population that feels most aggrieved and is most easily manipulated. They have actively been whipping up anti-liberal sentiment and disseminating misinformation to the American public for the last 8 years. I think in preparation. There are substantive reasons for them to harbor this fear. I will grant them that. It is, in fact, true that there is a wealthy, technologically-enabled effort to overturn the whole concept of Nation States in favor of direct rule by (allegedly) The People globally (but really it would be rule by a new technocratic elite). There is also a decades-old effort to establish a single, globalized world order with one Global Government headed by international organizations like the UN, EU, ICC, etc. I have heard people on that side of the equation--actually people who sat in very nice decision-making positions in the Obama administration, say things like, "Well, if the American public has to adapt to a lower standard of living in order to allow the rest of the world to rise, that is only fair. We just have to keep the public preoccupied and out of the way. Hopefully those VR developers will get Virtual Reality right and we can plug people in and have them tune out." A hateful, arrogant perspective, don't you think? But, mostly a foolish one. Those who hold this view thought they could pull this off without anyone noticing. Clearly they could not. So, as a result, what we have gotten in response are fanatics on the Right rising in response to the fanatics on the Left. And the easiest way for the fanatical right to prevail, was to cultivate the part of our society that is most aggrieved and most easily manipulated. Trump was the vehicle. But, by the time he seized the nomination, some of these folks (from the defense world) began to publicly regret their plan. They published letters of remorse in the press once they realize that Trump was going to go after our Democracy itself, and that they could not control him. Of course by the time they realized this, it was too late. The Fascist had been nominated. As I keep saying -- and as I came here ten years ago and tried to convey to Bono to no avail -- fanatics have taken over the United States. They are on both the Left and the Right. There is no center. Clinton was the center, and she was taken out. So, maybe the so-called "Republicans" who now control Congress will impeach Trump, but not until he helps execute their plans, which they can then blame on him. It won't really matter if Trump gets thrown out of office a few years down the road. The Supreme Court will already be turned by that point. The country, and likely much of the world, will quite-likely be in a war, or at least in an economic depression as the result of trade wars, and it just won't matter if Trump is impeached. These people think they can forcibly turn the hands back on globalization without negative consequence. They are wrong. They are too late. The Rubicon has already been crossed. So, I think this was a coup, of sorts -- a perfectly legal, diabolical coup executed by people who were not smart enough to go mucking around in such affairs. Well, I am not interested in enabling Fascists, so I commit to being in the "resistance." I will even help lead if I can be of any use (although would prefer to not be out here battling on my own). But, I cannot honestly assert that I am all that confident we will be able to prevail. The scenario is simply too complex, with too many unknowns and unknown actors, with events moving too quickly and the risk factors too numerous to even count, much less game out strategically. The energetic trend globally already appears to have been tipped toward chaos, and I do not know that there is any going back from this point. I think the damage may already be done and be irrevocable. People who were not smart enough to do so put something into motion that I don't think can be stopped now. Of course, the billionaires are in power and they will not suffer much. I do not begrudge them their positions. I am just sorry I am not one too! But I am down here with you guys, essentially powerless. ------- I also will add a little more info, since I mentioned it above, and people may be confused: Probably some of you recognize me from before. Maybe some of you remember the troubles I had here. The hackers. The stalkers. The impersonators. This goes back years. That trouble started immediately after I arrived on the U2 board for the first time after hearing of them for the very first time. Almost immediately upon arriving, I received a private note here that claimed Bono was sexually abusing his daughter. I sent that to the moderators. And then I just moved on and ignored these folks. But, whoever they were, they did not go away. They stayed with me for three years (2005-2008) solidly, and then for three more, on and off. They hacked, they stalked, they harassed me. They left notes taped to the door of my home. They interfered with my job applications, driving me into poverty. They were able to put results into my google search of articles that didn't actually exist, and which didn't show up in anyone else's google search. They interfered in nearly all areas of my life. They were abusers. Criminals. I went to lots of people in the intelligence community and asked for help but was dismissed as "paranoid." Gaslighted. Only my friend, who witnessed what was happening, believed me. Now who on earth would bother to fuck with me like that for so long? I am hardly worth it. And who would have that skill? After these creeps finally succeeded in tearing the ground out from under my world, they wrote me a nice little note stating: "I hope you learned your lesson. You brought on your own demise. You facilitate the evil ends of the US government. I finally just gave up and excised U2 from my life entirely, which was one of the saddest most damaging things that has every happened, because the whole scene had brought me such joy in a world that was then dominated by the misery of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And then I left DC for a few years to care for my mother. But as soon as I came back, I was attacked on the street and stabbed in the neck with a needle. I identified my attacker with 100% certainty to the police, and nothing was done. A few months later I had a heart attack the Doctor's could not explain, and they suggested it was the result of a drugging or poisoning. I am sure it is just coincidence that I just happened to have worked a party at the home of an intelligence official that day, and that I was offered a glass of wine at the end of it. I am sure that is just a coincidence. I mean, really, I am nobody, and certainly not someone worth messing with. So, you guys tell me how I should interpret all of this, because I really don't know. Interestingly, after not being on this board or having anything to do with the U2 world for five full years, I came back just after the election this past November. I came back because this was the only place I had found any joy at all in ten years. And because I had missed it. By my second day on here these malicious folks were back. The first thing they did was throw a story up on my screen: "Bono will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and sing this song" the title read. Following was a full sheet of gibberish with a few lines at the top that read, "Aww, unrequited love. How original, Come back tomorrow, I might cry." I used another computer, and another internet connection, to pull up the same page, and that story did not appear, nor could I ever find it again. So, I don't know what is going on here. ​I don't know why this situation has touched me via this band, or vice versa. I don't know why these people are still hanging around. I don't know if they belong to U2 or not. But I do think all of this is somehow connected to this Trump business, whose candidacy, I suspect, has been in the works for some time--probably for most of Obama's administration, frankly. The whole "Birther" issue was likely part of this manipulative disinformation con and not just a fetish of Trump. This situation is menacing, and I think we are all in a lot of trouble. And, I hope people in better positions than I can make some sense of it. Meanwhile, I feel like I am in danger. I'm getting out of DC, and if I can manage it, out of the country.
  5. ...cont... ...you've gotten me going now... You know, I didn't hear anything about u2 in five years. I didn't even know they had released the (wonderful) Songs album and staged a tour. I was too busy trying to extricate myself from the cruelty and criminality that ensued the last time I hung out around here, and was fruitlessly trying to do anything I possibly could to warn folks in DC against this disaster that is Trump (which was in the works for some time, despite people's total and arrogant oblivion to it). Obviously, I was completely ineffectual in these efforts. Really, what can one person do in the face of so much political fanaticism and hatred anyway? (And that holds true for the both the political Left and Right in this country, neither of which I respect or ascribe to). But when the election happened and the global turn toward disaster became so obvious and unstoppable, the very first and only thing I thought of was Bono and their work. Really. It was the only thing I could think of that brought any solace at all. I realize that is ridiculous. But it is true. So, again, if you don't like their tour, if you don't like what they have to say, why not just ignore them? I promise, it is perfectly possible to occupy a part of the world in which U2 does not penetrate at all. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for the effects of Trump. How vile it is for people to demand they "shut up" with their political commentary and just play music, when the poison that has been unleashed seeps into every pore of the globe. How Fascist a demand, and how unsurprising given the quarters from which it emanates. Yes, Americans might be long-overdue for a full-fledged U2 finger in the face. I almost hope they flash it. I barely feel like we deserve them.
  6. ...cont... You know, these guys get to live, largely, above and outside the fray of all this other crap the rest of us have to deal with. I don't envy them their position, and I think they earned it. I am just sorry I don't have the same option to escape and find a little relief! They could have turned away from the world at any point. They no longer need to be engaging with us "for money." Once one has what they have, one will always be able to generate revenue. So they don't need to screw us for funds. I am sure they keep playing music and launching tours because it is fun for them. Once it is no longer fun, I imagine they will stop. I am not going to be frightened for them as they take this tour into Trumpland; that would be silly of me. But I do feel so bad for them having to face this. Enjoy this tour. Maybe it will be the last. It might be the last good thing that happens to us. I would not be surprised.
  7. Man, I think if I were these guys, especially Bono, I would take my money and my good life and go off and enjoy it while it is still possible to do so, and tell the rest of us to screw off (maybe he would stick with the justice development work, though. Nobody who is benefitting from that is complaining!) I would perfectly understand were he to make such a decision and am surprised he has not already put a finger in our faces. They don't owe us anything. They have already given so much for so long and it seems to me that the haters are just growing in number as the years pass. The whole world is growing uglier now, but the first place in my life that I ever encountered true ugliness (outside of dictatorial regimes), was on this board years ago. And, it took all of two days of my coming back here this time before I started having trouble with snide hackers again. What is wrong with you guys? If you don't like their choices, why not just ignore them and go hear some other band? I personally am SO GRATEFUL for the JT Tour. I hope I will be able to go. I think it is a lovely thought, and maybe the best they can do to try and help out spiritually in a world that is going to shit.
  8. And here are the Republicans arguing for institution of the female military draft calling it a "woman's right." http://www.ibtimes.com/republicans-want-draft-women-military-gop-debate-focuses-female-troops-2297187 Of course women should be allowed to serve in the military if they are capable. But to frame a female draft as a "woman's right" is just a perversion coming from those who think we should be denied all other rights that make us anything other than receptacles of their foul and bitter semen, baby machines, cheaper labor and cannon fodder, apparently. I guess they are planning on needing a much, much bigger military fighting force. Pity that is not going to help them one iota against those forces that are now surely intent on bringing this country down. They thought we had troubles before. They cannot even envision what is going to be coming at us now. They simply have no idea. Lacking the requisite vision, they cannot see. I will try to flee.
  9. Makinit66-- we are living in a hateful, post-reason world. And these people are Fascists. We can only go down from here. There is no up on this trajectory.
  10. Smart, justified Mexicans are establishing a boycott of American products and consumer services: McDonalds, Coke, Starbucks, etc. I hate to see these great American companies hurt. They are victims of Trump too. But, if they hurt, the pressure will eventually land on Trump, and people have to do whatever they can to protect themselves and fight back in any way that they can. I suspect publics around the world will soon follow suit as they feel the Trump threats move closer and closer to their homes. Pity for America. I genuinely pity her. The damage this man is doing to this country is probably irrevocable. Poor America and Americans. I am heartbroken for us. Mexicans Launch Boycotts of U.S. Companies in Fury at Donald Trump TIME Magazine
  11. I would very much like to receive haven in your's or another country, Oneders. Thank you for your words of commiseration. We are so screwed.
  12. see article above. The day after election, in the same Capitol Hill locale that I heard Trumper's last night calling the Women's Marchers "skanky bitches...who need to be put down," a bearded member of the Trump Taliban (I did not realize that is who it was initially), asked me what I thought of the election. I replied (and this was all I said), "Well, I think Democracy is very fragile." At which point he was in my face, this bearded hulk, pointing his finger and hissing at me, "You better be careful...you are tiptoeing very close to treason" and then screamed at me to get out of the place. As bad as this whole situation clearly looks to everyone, it is actually so so much worse. I really don't think people fully realize yet what is happening. On the whole, and as a rule, people are very slow to pick up on reality. Even the courts won't be havens for the people once the Supreme Court is turned. People should get out while they can. Don't be Chamberlains. Leave this country to eat itself. And, try to contain it so that it wont eat the rest of the world too. I know people who were sage enough to flee Venezuela at the start of Chavez's reign, and I am aware of a great many more poor souls who did not or could not get out. I feel I need protection.
  13. PUNISHMENT Donald Trump Is Determined To Spite Every Woman For a man who claims to be pro-life, Trump showed this week that he cares very little for the lives of women at home or abroad. “Nobody has more respect for women than I do,” said Donald Trump, defending in a presidential debate comments he made about grabbing women “by the pussy” without their permission. It’s safe to say now that if you believed him then, you’re a sucker. After a wild few days of sweeping orders, bizarre public appearances and unhinged Twitter tirades, it’d be easy to paint President Trump as “unpredictable.” But he seems pretty simple. He is a man driven by the desire to reward those who love him appropriately and punish those who don’t. Last Saturday, women marched with “Fuck Trump” signs, this week, Trump gave the pink hats his own “fuck you.” It’s safe to say that there are many people who have more respect for women than Donald Trump. On Tuesday, Trump showed his pro-life bona fides with his first, albeit expected, swipe at women. He signed an executive action reinstating the so-called Global Gag Rule, an order that restricts usage of U.S. aid money to public health organizations that provide or even discuss abortion with patients. Initial news reports on the action passed it off as routine, something that essentially put back in place an order the George W Bush administration had enacted in 2001, something that administrations had been enacting and repealing, over and over, since Ronald Reagan first applied it in 1984. But Trump’s version is much broader in scope, affecting all foreign public-health organizations that receive U.S. aid, not just those that provide family-planning services. On a practical level, the new Trump’d up Mexico City Rule may govern up to $9.458 billion in U.S. funds and all public-health organizations the U.S. funds abroad. The Bush version encompassed $575 million and affected only family-planning health providers. Trump signed the Global Gag rule in the Oval Office, days after the millions-strong Women’s Marches around the country made his inauguration look like a midseason Tampa Bay Rays game. He signed the order surrounded by men, which made the signing of a legal document pertaining to women’s health look a lot like a ‘fuck you’. But the new president was just getting warmed up. Today, he took it even further, targeting the United Nations for its own gag rule. Now, the only UN agencies eligible for U.S. funds are those that never promote “abortion or sterilization as a method of family planning, or to motivate or coerce any person to undergo an abortion or sterilization.” It’s the global gag rule, but on steroids, and on a larger scale. One of the groups singled out, the United Nations Population Fund, fights female genital mutilation, child marriage, and maternal death. The global scourge of child marriage means that in some places, girls as young as 10 or 11 face life-threatening pregnancies. Sterilization is a crucial aspect of reducing maternal death, as women in many parts of the world don’t have regular access to birth control, even if a pregnancy would be high-risk for them. Around 300,000 women die during childbirth globally every year. The world we live in is not a world that can humanely exclude abortion and sterilization from discussions of women’s health. The Trump iteration of the pro-life agenda makes sex something that should have potentially dire consequences for women, whether she’s an American teenager, an African grandmother, or a Syrian refugee. There’s nothing pro-life about letting women die. On the same desk he signed the global gag order, the President is expected to sign another executive order. While it stops short of a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the U.S. for any reason, it does target countries with majority populations that adhere to one particular faith, while making exceptions for persecuted “religious minorities” (Christians). The order calls for a 120-day ban on admitting nearly all refugees, and stops the issuance of visas from several majority-Muslim countries, including Syria. In a master stroke of irony, the order states that the U.S. will not give visas to individuals who commit “acts of bigotry” such as honor killings and violence against women, or discrimination against somebody based on their sexual orientation. Maybe Team Trump should take a glance in one of those big, beautiful White House mirrors. According to reports, slashing funds to domestic violence shelters here in the US is on the table for the Trump administration. And regarding sexual orientation, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody with a richer history of gay antipathy than Mike Pence. In 2006, Pence and some congressional allies attempted to push an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment. Gay marriage, he said, would lead to social collapse. In addition, Pence has supported Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and opposed anti-gay discrimination laws. It sure seems like Donald Trump only pretends to care about women or the LGBTQ community inasmuch as it justifies bigotry against brown men. If either of those men applied for an American visa, they’d both be denied by their own administration’s standards. The people fleeing bloodshed in Syria aren’t cartoonish jihadists of the dark crevices of a Breitbart writer’s holy-war fanfic. According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, 73 percent of refugees from Syria are women and children. The likely-soon-to-be-embattled United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that 360,000 women directly impacted by the Syrian conflict were pregnant. Of those, 80,200 have fled to neighboring countries, many of which lack resources to provide maternal care to an influx that size. A final, cruel twist of the knife seems to be the mental gymnastics routine required to understand how Trump can characterize Syria as a humanitarian disaster while praising Vladimir Putin, who, alongside Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad, is arguably responsible for much of the slaughter. Trump has allied himself with an ally of the man who has turned Syria into Hell, and then turned his back on those who wish to escape. Children. Women. Pregnant women. Beyond that, it’s tough to fathom the mutual exclusivity of the beliefs that a fetus is a person worthy of being protected at all costs, but a pregnant refugee is something less than a person, something we can turn our backs on. How can a person who calls themselves an advocate for the unborn be so callous about the lives of the post-born? He only approves of abortion that occurs after the third trimester. None of this makes sense unless you think of it in terms of reward and punishment. Trump distributes rewards to the people who have loved him to his satisfaction. Those who showed up to Donald Trump’s rallies dutifully doffing their MAGA hats, those who surround him in the Oval Office, bloated with smugness as he signs orders restricting women’s choices. Those who know what Trump means when he says “we” and “them.” Those who shield the President from the truth about crowd size, to protect his ego. Those who once screamed LOCK HER UP, who now don’t mind that he didn’t lock her up, but will scream LOCK HER UP anyway, because it’s fun. Those who want to stick it to the blue states, who, like Trump, cannot fathom a country so full of stuck-up cultural snots trying to make them feel bad about their choices. Those who clean up after his irresponsible barking during humiliating Sunday show appearances, visibly aged after months of lying and deflection. Those whose eyes feign delight as they dutifully clap in the front row of his speeches in an attempt to gain favor with him. Those who tweet Pepe memes at him. Those nearby sycophants and far-flung self-identified deplorables. Those are the people he loves, those are the people he rewards. He is with them. In Trump’s America, everybody else can go fuck themselves. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/01/26/donald-trump-is-determined-to-spite-every-woman.html
  14. PS--i listened to two Trumpers at a bar on Capitol Hill last night refer to the women's marchers as " skanky bitches" who "should be put down.". 3 million of those were US citizens! Really? We are expected to extend compassion and understanding to these thugs? Really?
  15. Edge played at Women's March??! THANK YOU!!!!! I was so busy working on the international side I had no time to follow what was happening inside the country, and I did not know. I am so delighted! Thank you so very much, Edge. Really thank you so very much! Women's March Global is not a formal organization yet. I am hoping it will get itself organized soon. we were totally on our own for the marches and received no support from the national group. We had none of their help, money or resources. Just 9 people with an internet connection. I think we still did a brilliant job regardless! Maybe you will consider working with us in the future, as well, on international actions? I'm trying to convince the other eight people in the global coordinating group to approach One with the hopes of partnering with them. We could definitely use the guidance, and we can offer our 5 million strong coalition, 2 million of which are outside the country, to One's rosters. I have encouraged the global group to approach One, I don't know if they have or will, but I hope so. I wasn't at all clear to me whether you guys were with us or not. I thought maybe the politics were too dicey to get involved in., even for you guys, which I would have fully understood. thank you again, Edge! Marvelous!
  16. Edge played at Women's March??! THANK YOU!!!!! I was so busy working on the international side I had no time to follow what was happening inside the country, and I did not know. I am so delighted! Thank you so very much, Edge. Really thank you so very much!
  17. Thank you John Brewer, That was very nice of you. I read your note and signed off :-) I cannot think of this horror anymore right now anyway. I have to move and find a job (else I will be unable to hear the JT tour!) and, mostly, i need to protect my psyche from the filth that has swept across the land, and, yes, my heart too, which I think would be incapable of surviving another heart break. Best wishes!
  18. Yeah. So, Bob, let's just go ahead and unpack that a little bit why don't we. I am not a liberal. I don't even have a political ideology. I am completely apolitical i'm actually known around DC for being so. I've had a very hard time fitting into DC over the last 15 y ears for exactly this reason – – because I have no political ideology, and the town is filled with increasingly radical sorts on both sides. I prefer intellectuals to ideologues, and consider that a mark of superiority. however, during those 15 years, I spent half of that, if not more, kicking around intelligence circles. So I know what the threats are that are arrayed against this country. Furthermore, I know exactly how terrified the intelligence community is because the number of threats facing the country is unprecedented and they simply cannot keep up. The Trumper's actually tried to recruit me into their ranks with offer of a full ride scholarship to a PhD in intelligence studies. Something I've wanted since I arrived in the city. But I will not help them. What you most likely don't understand, and what is so tragic, is that whatever the serious threats were that were facing the country before Trump's election, they are three times in number now. They are three times more intense now. And, the country has lost the goodwill of tens of millions of its own citizens, and earned the ire of billions of people overseas. America cannot prevail against this. It simply cannot. All it can do is reach for a Pyrrihc victory, which I do not doubt these nut jobs are crazy enough to pull down on everyone's head. I was a professional defender of the United States. Now I am actively seeking a way out of this country. So you certainly don't have to worry about me. And I definitely will no longer be worrying about you.
  19. We are likely going to hit rock bottom. And all of the jackals we spent 50 years keeping at bay, will come rushing in to eat the American carcass. Guess which parts of our public are NOT going to be in a position to flee.
  20. Communist China Is Now The Leader Of The 'Free Trade' World Trump is, by far, the most malevolent Mother F-er this country has ever seen. US manufacturing will suffer even more under these policies. More people will be out of work. The US economy, which is finally recovering, will tank again, pulling the rest of the world down with it. If the world's publics have any sense at all, they should organize a global boycott of American hard goods. Make America feel some pain for putting this asinine abuser, state enemy and menace to the people into office. This worked to end Apartheid. DT thinks he can f*ck the world in the face and that there will be no consequence. He is wrong. Of course, we will likely be in a hot war with China in the South China sea in no time at all, and then nothing--nothing-- will matter anymore. Guess whose kids are going to be trundled off to fight that battle? Maybe we can save the United States and her people from Trump. But it is just as likely this is the end of the American era. And if so, it probably deserves to go down. I am just sorry that Russia and China will step in to fill the leadership role America once commanded. Trump's voters will be left with nothing but flags, bibles and gun powder to feed their children. And they won't even have the intellectual capacity to learn to speak Chinese so that they can understand the dictates of their new rulers. What a bunch of unsophisticated, backassward idiots. Simplistic, delusional, uneducated know-nothings.
  21. Nobody is debating OUR numbers! http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2017/01/21/overhead_shots_show_massive_women_s_march_crowds_across_america.html "Women’s March crowds at cities across the country on Saturday have grown so large that the only way to capture them is with overhead shots." Have a look for yourself. There are plenty more photos online capturing the marches across the world. Last I heard, there were actions in 83 countries on all 7 continents, and, apparently, reports of even more actions are still coming in! We've got this.
  22. Ok, I said I would not keep this thread going here since it is not at all clear whether the guys at U2 support our efforts or not (which is certainly their right!). But some things are just too marvelous to not share: Men in Support in Zimbabwe! Also wish to add that there are already dishonorable people trying to hijack the Women's March movement, ​including spreading false information and attempting to phish information by circulating a bogus "headcount" poll. Please, only take guidance from the Women's March website or through your local organizer. We are tracking down these doers of misdeeds as quickly as we find them and are able to. We also welcome volunteers from all over the world to assist with ongoing global policy efforts and actions. We are all volunteers, so far, and we are already planning the next actions. Hey! Hey! We are not going away! Thank you!
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