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  1. I was able to get 2 GA floor tickets for San Jose in the Innocence group. I had two tabs open - the TM link from u2.com/tours and a TM link from a previous text. Both showed a different display of the TM site with different ways of finding tickets. One of them found GA floor seats and the other did not. .The first San Jose show had GA available at least a few days into the General sale (I didn't know I was going to be in SF around this time then), so I guess I'm a little surprised the second show wasn't easier for people.
  2. After watching the experience group struggle, I knew not to have any expectations the next day...Seeing tickets being put up on Stubhub within 30min was equally disappointing. We can't afford the $325 (+fees) tickets and we're not going to bother with the behind the stage seats that kept popping up yesterday when trying to find tickets (being legally blind, I don't need more ways to not be able to see something). I'm trying to be hopeful for additional dates or even the general sale. If it doesn't work out, I'm probably done with the fan club thing (on and off subscriber since Propaganda) as
  3. I have 2 GA tickets for the Sunday June 4th show. My gf and I were going to enjoy Chicago for the weekend, but now she's going to be out of the country. As I am nearly blind, I do not feel like doing Chicago on my own. I am looking to sell (face value + fees) and I would cancel and ship my credit card. As I really do not want to miss the tour, I am open to a swap for FedEx field and might consider others.
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