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  1. I’ll be going to LA show, and wondered if anyone knew how long it has been taking to get in through security for those who have regulars seats? Don’t want to miss anything, but also don’t want to sit there waiting for an hour or more to start. Thanks everyone!
  2. I have tried calling and getting my tickets exchanged and was told all sales are final. Which the person said was very unusual but that is the official request from the promoter. I'm guessing it is the same for transferring tickets too.
  3. Yup! I was wanting to exchange them for exact same price, just lower row on the upper deck.
  4. I bought two tickets during iNNocence presale, of course upper deck $330 tickets, but now with the map available for tickets there are much better tickets available for same price lower in section. When i called ticketmaster, they said no exchanges, no exceptions!!! How can this be when i paid $330 dollars for a mid-upper deck seat with many lower seats available at same cost. Can one of the Mod's help me out????? And i dont have a general verified code to get other seats either, so what are my options? Grateful to have the seats, but would love to be closer considering these price points!
  5. Same thing happened to me yesterday. Called TM and somehow my purchase ended up going through even though an error message came back. Sorry it didn't work out, but I totally agree TM is having some major issues to the point that this may be my last U2 show. It's just not worth all this money, or stress.
  6. It is showing no matches for seats for Innocence group at LA show? What should we do?
  7. Will the innocence group receive it tomorrow, or tonight still? I have yet to receive it
  8. Last year with JT tour, I was able to get decent (but not great) seats with pre-sale. Seemed like the seats TM automatically generates are usually decent, but would love to actually choose my own seats. Hoping I can for this tour when I am getting my seats. Has this been your experience in going for seats during pre-sale?
  9. Are they still not opening normal parking lots for those with seats until 2:30? Thanks guys!
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