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  1. A few things I learned from the most recent concert in Cleveland.... 1. Sound was amazing, best I ever heard at a live show. 2. I attend 30/40 shows a year of various genres, so far this year, most weed smoking at a show. 3. Everyone made a big stink about lining up, getting numbers....Doors opened up at 5 and at 6 could almost walk right up to stage. If you wanted close you could walk up there at any time. 4. 5-10k GA really suck, I coulda used a chair, let a few hundred get GA then put some chairs on the floor. Overall I was impressed by the sound and videography......glad I went
  2. Oh that sounds interesting.........How does that unofficial stuff work out in other cities ?
  3. There is a parking garage right next to where I think the line will be.....should be open
  4. I have 1 ga available for Saturday....
  5. whatever I have in them.......face plus my membership (mod edit - FACE VALUE ONLY ALLOWED!)
  6. 4 remain at face value $90 credit card entry around 5-6pm-ish
  7. I have 4 tickets, upper level front row sec 529 for sale.
  8. I have two GA available for Cleveland show. tickets are credit card entry , must enter venue with me.
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