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  1. Thanks. Just received today. interesting, when I contacted TM they said "you didn't buy VIP tix, just fan presales." Well, i did buy VIP tix, and it says so on TM's own website and App. Anyway, another example fo their terrible customer service. However, if you didn't receive your details yet let me know wand I can post the address of the group that did send out the information.
  2. Has anyone received details on the VIP Party Package tix? I spent - small fortune on each ticket and still have no idea where to park, where the BIP entrance is, what time the dinner starts etc. Does anyone else have those details?
  3. I just looked and was easily able to get GA and other tix for Chicago. about 11:45 CST now.
  4. Not sure what all the fuss is, I bought tix yesterday but I just looked and with my Wires code there are GA, 100 level, and 200 level tix all available.
  5. This is huge for anyone still trying to get tix in Chicago. You can buy up to 8 tickets.
  6. Jenniferoc - From what I could tell all the VIP seats today were on Stage Left. I'm guessing that the equivilent seats on Stage Right were held back until tomorrow or the public sale - but that's just a guess. It seemed clear not all seats were available today (at least when it came to the VIP packages).
  7. Chicago. Ultraviolet - Actually on TM's site they had VIP Presales listed for tomorrow at 12:00 noon. I just tried my code to see what would happen. As they say - always better to be lucky than smart. Bummer for others though.
  8. U2JTB.... I didn't think it was suppose to work that way either. When I put in my code it unlocks the Party, Gold, Silver, and RedZone.
  9. I had a Wires code but it was "open" for all the VIP tix. Sometimes it would say "sold out" but as I kept trying on different venues I was able to get 3rd row in sec 106 in Chicago - great seats. Also, I'm thinking they open different seats up for different pre-sales, so I'm guessing they will release more seats for tomorrow's presale, and probably another batch again on Friday for the Lumineer's fan club.
  10. I noticed that VIP packages aren't for sale until 12:00 noon...after the Wires group goes on sale at 9:00 am. Does that mean VIP seats won't be available until noon on Thursday?
  11. Any details on what will be included/available for Red Zone or VIP seats? Will these both be on sale at the same time as the presale?
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