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  1. 49 years old...saw them on the War tour in Houston (w/the Alarm)...saw them on the Unforgettable Fire tour in Houston (w/Red Rockers)...saw them on the Joshua Tree tour in Houston (w/Lone Justice...both nights) and in Austin (w/the BoDeans).
  2. Saw them both nights in Houston (w/Lone Justice) and then in Austin (w/the BoDeans).
  3. Joined their fan club and got really good seats (Sec 102) for me, my wife, and 14 year-old daughter. I saw U2 in 1983 at the (now demolished) Music Hall with The Alarm as the opener. Then saw them in 1985 at the Summit (now Lakewood Church) with the Red Rockers as openers. Finally, saw them three times on the Joshua Tree tour...twice in Houston at the Summit with Lone Justice, and then in Austin at the Frank Erwin Center with the BoDeans. Casually followed them from Achtung Baby until Songs of Innocence. My interest got piqued again with this tour...my daughter has a near encyclopedic knowledge of the band and we just had to go to this show. I feel like I'm bringing her full circle cause we're going to see The Alarm near the end of July.
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