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  1. Berlin 210 Euros for a decent seat, that is not and will never be ok!! That is Rolling Stones prices, pure greed sadly. I mean 2 tickets 420 Euros!! Come on U2, that is not fair against the fans. GNR reunion tickets (outdoor stadiums) are 100 Euros for the best seats and 110 Euros for Golden Circle and the shows are complete sellouts in 10-15 minutes all over Europe.
  2. This is pure and evil greed. It is not ok with over 200 Euros for a good seat. Almost no other group charge their fans as much as U2. Guns N' Roses reunion 100-110 Euros for best seats and Golden Circle/Red Zone.. Just saying.. Greed is a ugly thing Larry..
  3. Are you talking about U2? 210 Euros for a decent seat in Berlin! That is not OK in any way..
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