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  1. Hi Joe - Sorry for the delay in responding - I have just PM'd you x
  2. Hi Xyale, no I really want to go on the Sunday I'm afraid and I have a queue of people who want to buy them off of me already, but that would mean I couldn't swap for Sunday tickets, so I'm holding out for the swap! Sorry! x
  3. Hi. Umm... so I'm not actually new, but I haven't been around the zoo for many years. I was here in the "old" zoo and even the "old old" zoo lol. Some may remember me as "Deblove". Anyway, I guess I'm back and just wanted to say "Hi". Will be seeing some familiar faces at the upcoming tour x
  4. Hi. So this is my first post in.......years. Some of you may have known me as Deblove in the "old" zoo. Anyway, I digress.....I bought 4 x GA's for 8th July Twickenham and 2 of my party are now unable to attend to due a wedding. I wanted tickets for Sunday but couldn't get them, so I'm looking to swap my 2 spare GA's saturday 8th for 2x GA's for Sunday 9th. If anyone is interested let me know. x
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