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  1. Drowning Man (not a reflection on my mood!)
  2. If You Wear That Velvet Dress. On a real POP buzz these days. Criminally under-rated.
  3. Being 26 years old, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be around for TJT’s release, but I discovered shortly after turning 11 and hearing U2 (Beatiful Day) on some music channel. My father had a cassette hanging around – he’d probably played it once since buying it in 1987! It was an album that changed my life, musically. While not my favourite album from U2’s back catalogue, hearing TJT for the first time exposed me to something deeper than mainstream music at the time. It was the soundtrack to my early teens. Hearing “Still Haven’t Found…” made me want to pick up a guitar. Hearing “Red Hill…” made me want to pursue singing. A real seminal moment for music in 1987, and for me in 2001. -First post on the forums (wahey!!)
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