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  1. These kind of predictions about the final tour/final album of a big band are pretty common. U2 are now in a very very small and special group of still-active multi-generational bands who continue to make original music and can sell out a tour in minutes. Their only rival in this respect is the Rolling Stones (massive Stones fan btw, hopefully seeing them live this year too!). The Stones will stop, just like AC/DC did, when one of them passes. While they can still sing and play, they'll continue doing what they love What else could they do? Same goes for U2. From what I saw at Twickenham last year, they still sound great live. What possible reason would there be to stop now? The Stones btw haven't released an original album since A Bigger Bang in 2005. But they have toured relentlessly, albeit in smaller and slower-paced way, since their 50th anniversary celebration in 2012. I can easily visualise U2 continuing like this for another ten to fifteen years. The comparator bands in the OP don't stand up to scrutiny (Beatles: stopped touring in 1966, split in 1970/Led Zep: split after Bonham's death in 1980, 11 year career. Nirvana: seriously?! Saw them live, terrible. Cobain was a physical and emotional wreck and wanted out, had he not killed himself, I think In Utero would've been it anyway).
  2. If they release a JT2017 DVD, I hope they include Noel Gallagher's encore from Twickenham #1.
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