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  1. Is it just me or is this whole nightmare just getting worse? After being “mistakenly” bot-blocked in the Presale (thanks Max for your magic in getting me a code just in time) and then sitting on my hands after both my wife and I were put on the waiting list in round one of the general sale, I was naively optimistic that ticketmaster would come through for me in round 2. I did everything they asked if me...I jumped through all their hoops like a trained seal. Alas, neither my wife nor I got so much as a rejection email this time around. No email, no code, no clue as to why we are both being completely shut out of this process! Is anyone else out there having a similar experience? So disappointed in the band that has meant everything to me over the last 30 years. It appears that my loyalty is no longer wanted. Can’t even listen to the music anymore and seriously considering selling the one set of tickets I was able to procure. No longer angry...just Sad.
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