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  1. So, this is the first I have heard that people were queuing in the Red Zone line. New to GA, so fans were giving out numbers? I'm hoping to get there early to tailgate, so getting a number and being able to leave the line would be fantastic. Thanks!
  2. I'm reading in all the emails from the venues that ticket pick-up for Red Zone is between 4-8pm and gates open at 5pm. Are people getting there earlier to line up prior to checking in, and, if so, what time? Can you even do that if they aren't queuing people for RZ? Trying to figure out if getting down there around 1pm will work. I'm hoping to get a spot around the B-Stage, as I am hearing some of the best views are there. Thanks, all!
  3. That is a great shot! I was at the Joshua Tree tour 30 years ago and was trampled, so I am hoping for a much better experience Once you were in, did you find it was easy to step out but still get back to your spot? Also, it sounded like you would have preferred getting closer to the stage, rather than the ramp?
  4. About how many people were in Red Zone? Also, how early did you get there to line up, and do they queue you like regular GA?
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