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  1. VIP gold as advertised: VIP GOLD FAN PACKAGE Premium reserved price level 1 ticket Exclusive U2 Tour VIP gift, not available to general public – shipping included! Limited availability I remember that was the exact wording during the pre-sale. The party package was a separate deal and so was the VIP parking.
  2. I took a small stand at tonight's show and pushed down as many phones as I could reach in front of my view. I paid good cash to attend this show and waited 30 years to get there - I wasn't going to have it ruined by watching someone else's bright screen recording crappy video in front of me. I asked the people to just watch the show. I got a lot of indignant looks and such, but the people around me started to drop the phones and get into the show. Stop tolerating it, say something and also DO SOMETHING! Don't be violent, just show them that it's something you won't stand for. During the encore, some guy shoved his way up and tried filming over my shoulder and had his flash on for video. I raised my drink cup up in front of his lens to block it. He flipped a biscuit. His flash light was directly in my eye as I was turned around to watch the large screen. Shining a flashlight into someone's eyes is not acceptable in any venue except a traffic stop. Stop tolerating the B.S. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many around you feel the same way!
  3. Just experienced the Houston show. Amazing. We got rail position right behind Edge's keyboard on the Bstage. There was a camera boom along the side of the B stage so we positioned ourselves away from there. We were far enough away from the main stage to experience the full screen backdrop, and it was exceptional, like nothing I've ever seen before; immersive; IMAX on steroids. I can't wait for the DVD. There's so much going on it's hard to do it justice in words. No bad spots, anywhere in RZ. You can clearly see the band on the main stage. People stayed away from the main stage rail and kept on the walkway/runway part of it. We lined up at 2:30 and had great position. Our goal was to get on the rail. If we got there at 6pm we still would have been very happy a couple rows back.
  4. Please PM me if you have a single Red Zone ticket available for Houston. My friend found a GA ticket instead.
  5. Got a prompt reply from NRG: Hello Sean, Thank you for contacting NRG Park! This just seems like a simple misunderstanding. There will be a separate queue for the Red Zone ticket holders, but it will be located at the Ford Gate, which is the same gate as the GA queue can enter through. I’ll reach out to the forum and let them know as well. We absolutely would never strip you of something you purchased. We hope this answers your questions, but please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with! Regards, NRG Park Guest Services
  6. I just sent NRG Stadium the following message. "The U2 website is showing a forum post from NRG Park Guest Services indicating that there will not be a separate entrance for Red Zone ticket holders, i.e. Red Zone and GA ticket holders will be grouped together. I purchased two Red Zone tickets at $350 per ticket expressly to avoid crowds and standing in long lines. The three major perks of the Red Zone package are: 1) Barricaded area immediately adjacent to the Stage; 2) Extremely limited capacity; and 3) VIP Entrance to the venue. I paid a generous $560 premium for two RZ tickets, compared to the $70 individual GA ticket face value. I expect ALL the advertised perks of the Red Zone to be fulfilled by the promoter and the venue. I fulfilled my end of the transaction by paying for the tickets. Will NRG be providing the amenities / perks of the Red Zone package as they were advertised? Thank you." I'll post NRG's reply as soon as I hear something.
  7. I saw this on the Houston show thread and also on ATU2 - Tours - Joshua Trees Tour 2017 - Houston City / Venue Details. A big part of my draw to the RZ tickets was to avoid the crowds and waiting in line. It seems that a major perk of the RZ tickets is being revoked, at least for Houston. With the reports of long waits to get in to the Vancouver show through their GA gates, I'm a bit cautious about the show. Hopefully this is a mistake. Has anyone else received info similar to this for any other shows? (RED) Zone Barricaded area immediately adjacent to the Stage Extremely limited capacity VIP Entrance to the venue Collectors souvenir ticket An opportunity to be selected for a pre show backstage tour Access to purchase pre-show refreshments A portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports the (RED) campaign
  8. There are a ton of seats available for Houston right now. You can still get up to 6 GA floor tickets at a time.
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