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    U2 (of course), plus cooking, running, indoor soccer, reading, writing and sketching. I love to travel and eat out as often as I can afford. I also love all kinds of music and still own vinyl from my childhood and others that's I've collected.
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    The Unforgettable Fire, although I also love many others.
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    Do I have to pick just one?
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    Zoo TV. I grew up in South Carolina and U2 was almost never in driving distance for a starving college student.
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    Joshua Tree 2017, eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE
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    I like them all...
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    Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Black Keys

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  1. Is there an opening act?
  2. After all the issues, i was worried but this was an awesome experience! I was able to get exactly the tickets i wanted right by the red zone. So excited! Let the countdown begin.
  3. Darn! Hope you get through to customer service. You still have time. Fingers (and toes) crossed for you.
  4. I texted back and my code showed up...weird but it worked. the code starts with UB
  5. If you are in the Experience group, and haven't received an email, you should call u2.com help to verify your status and confirm that you are in the queue to get a code. The phone number is on the help page. Don't wait until the sale starts!
  6. Hi Everyone, I received a JT presale code last year but worried so much about getting good seats that I splurged and bought a VIP package. For E+I, i think I'm going to wait until my presale code opens, but I am wondering if anyone has experience with buying on the second day and the quality of the seats. Can I still get decent seats on day 2 or should i just go for another VIP package? for JT with the VIP Package i was at FedEx field, section 122, 9 rows back with end seats...not bad, but certainly not close up. I suspect it's the same for Innocence group tickets. Any advice is appreciated.
  7. Hi Everyone, I called U2.com to clear up when emails go out to the different groups and when we'll receive the codes. I spoke with Hector (who was awesome!). Here's what he said: Innocence Group emails go out this evening-- 11/14 Presale Codes for Innocence Group will be sent in the morning on 11/15 ahead of the presale He also confirmed that I have a presale code and it showed it hasn't been used. I bought a VIP package for JT last year and that apparently didn't require or use my code. Hope that helps!
  8. I’m in the Innocence group and didn’t receive an email yet. Worried but I remember reading that we get the email the night before our sale and since Innocence doesn’t open until 11/15 @ 1 ET, I’m hoping it’ll still show up sometime today. Fingers crossed.
  9. I had a code for the Joshua Tree and did the VIP package. Tickets were about $600each and included early entry, good seats, dinner, drinks, access to mercy and a limited edition book. It was a cool experience and I am considering doing it again. Kept watching resale prices and tickets in our area were going for upwards of $1000+. I think you still have to have a presage code, but there were still packages available when my friend (not a U2.com member) purchased her package.
  10. Hello! Thanks for being so welcoming. I'm newish to U2.com, but not to the band. I grew up, dated, went to college, had a family and have worked with U2 as the soundtrack to my life. From the first time I heard them in the early days of MTV and then college radio, I've been a huge fan. I still have every U2 single, album, cassette tape (yes, you read that correctly
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