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  1. I have been a U2.com subscriber for many years as well. My membership did lapse once because my email address changed and I didn't renew in time. This was a few years ago but I am still considered a 'newbie'. I've seen every tour since the original Joshua Tree multiple times and have spent an incredible amount of $ on all things U2, it has been the 'splurge' in my life and something I absolutely loved. My pre-sale is supposedly tomorrow - I did not receive the email that was supposed to be send to EVERYONE on the 13th. I am really hoping that I am able to get a code. My Joshua Tree 2017 pre-sale and credit card ticket experience was a disaster and honestly, the show was a bit disappointing and the GA crowd where we were standing were obnoxious.(Levi's Stadium - Santa Clara). If I don't get a code, it may be time to re-think my loyalty. I know they don't read these, I wonder if they know how horribly the real fans are affected by all these ticketing issues. Now I hear that a 'fan score' is taken into consideration and your score is based on your social media presence. Are you kidding me? Sure, I have a FB, Twitter and Instagram account - am I active on them? NO! I am an active 50 year old professional with a family and responsibilities - I don't hang out on social media and I am not going to change that to get access to a ticket pre-sale. If this is how they are deciding whether or not a person gets a code....I am done with this whole thing and unfortunately, right or wrong, will resent the band for it.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly with all of you. I was at the Santa Clara show, GA just to the right of the B stage. I am guilty of taking 5 pictures while a group of 4 women filmed nearly the entire show right in front of us, I craned and twisted to see the show. A man standing behind my husband kept hitting him in the back of the head with his elbows when he was trying to film whatever was happening. Politely asking them to stop has no affect. U2 concerts have always been a spiritual experience for me, since 1984, they still are to a certain degree but watching the show through or around someone else's screen and the increasing rudeness and inconsideration of the GA crowd (at least the people around us) is very disheartening. It's not going to stop me from going of course, but I so miss the camaraderie that existed during the show. It's still there in the GA line but it seems like once you get in to the venue *poof* it's gone.
  3. There is typically a GA line up queue - I don't know where it is for the RoseBowl but guaranteed, there's a line long before the venue website says people are allowed to line up. Check the live thread on U2.com. I wouldn't be surprised if the the initial queue check in starts the 19th. You will still get to the floor if you don't check in the night before but I would suggest getting there as early as possible the day of the show.
  4. Yep - it was a cluster for a few seconds but they are human....that was a big thing but there were lots of little things that weren't quite right as well. Still - a good show. We were to the left of B stage - 2 or 3 rows back...the cell phone thing was super annoying for sure...as were the flags. What really bummed me out was that there were some people in the crowd near us that were absolutely rude, inconsiderate and disrespectful. That has not ever been my experience in a U2 GA crowd - ever and there have been quite a few. I need to get up to the rail a couple more times and then I might hang up my GA jacket. :-) I also agree with Levi's Stadium being the worse venue ever. I won't ever go there again....I'll get tickets to another show - it's more fun to travel to see them anyway! GA line was a blast though. Met some great people but lost them when we went in. I don't know if they are part of this fan club but Darin, Michael, Leann & Larae(sp)??? hope you had a great show!!! We'll have to do it again!!
  5. When I spoke to the stadium they told me this would not be allowed...now I see this. Had no idea about any check in times and it's 9:00am day of show. Came down last night and we are in a hotel by the stadium...but out of luck it appears. This whole thing with CC entry and Levi's Stadium being very firm on the 'no early line up' stance(over the phone), parking lots not open etc...it's a bit of rubbish. Bitter the taste, in my mouth. U2 is my favorite - I've seen them 30+ times probably and they never disappoint. I have been fortunate enough to be very close a few times too and was hoping to do so again but with the way this has gone down...it doesn't seem possible. I guess we will just get ready - head over there and take our chances. Damn it! This is supposed to be a good day. :-(
  6. Hey, I am going to be in Santa Clara, too, and am wondering how this staging inside deal worked.  Can you give me some more information?

    1. stacigwalker


      HI - The stadium told me that they weren't going to allow early line up or all day line up but apparently there are people out there now.  Wrist bands have been issued but I don't know if it was by the venue or a fan organized GA line.  We are getting ready to head over there now and check it out.  This place doesn't seem conducive to 'camping' out because none of the parking lots are open so I don't know how it's all working out yet.  We may go over there and have to turn around and come back.  :-(  I'm disappointed.

  7. I'm going to the show in Santa Clara Wedneday - GA tix of course. They are going to stage us much the same way it looks like it was done in Seattle only they are not letting the line start until 2:00pm (my understanding anyway). If we get to the front of the main stage - are we too close to truly experience and appreciate the images on the screen?
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