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  1. I'm happy to say I completely disagree with you, bmillis, and I think I'm even being objective (which is hard as I am a diehard fan). I've been a fan of U2 since the early 80's and was there for the original Joshua Tour. I think that Bono's voice may have deepened with age, but lately I've been listening to Songs of Innocence non-stop (it took me a while to get into it, but now that I am, I love it --- as much as J. Tree) and Bono's voice is rich and spot on. We just got back from holidays so on the plane I had Songs of Innocence on and Wow. So . . . no, I don't agree with you. If you're talking about live shows, it probably depends on how he's feeling, how much he's been singing, and whatever else goes on with a singer's voice.
  2. I'm so sorry, that would suck. Did you contact Ticketmaster and complain? Maybe you could have gotten a credit or something? One time, a long time ago, I had obstructed views for U2, and it said right on the ticker, turns out we were behind a post. I stood in the isles, though. We weren't really supposed to, but the poor usher finally gave up and let us stay there, so I ended up having a great view.
  3. Hello, everyone, I'm new here and I really should have introduced myself properly in the "introduce yourself area" (I will, because board politics and all) but I wanted to add my bit, here. My name is Michele, and I've been a huge U2 fan, forever. Since the early 80s, I can remember running around University with the War album, seeing that tour, Joshua tour, and so on. I grew up, some, got married, had kids, and always have remained true to U2. And each time they came, I was a little afraid I'd be disappointed --- How can they still be as great as before? Will I love them as much or feel I've outgrown their music? Will they not deliver? Have my expectations exceeded the reality? But guess what? Never, not once, have I ever been disappointed at a U2 show. My husband and I have been so to many, my girls are in their 20s, and I can't wait for this new show. I'm sooo excited, I still love them as much as ever. So I guess my point is (sorry for the ramble but) don't worry! Have faith in the band that, after all these years, they know what they're doing! They know how to deliver a GREAT show. And if they choose not to play all from J. Tree, so what? They'll have their reasons. AS for the other complaints, all legit, I can't comment on that, just (a little I will comment). Bands are really expensive, these days. We don't go to many, U2 always for me, Rush for my husband, that's it. But it costs a lot to put on a show like they do. Also, re someone said about the seating being behind the stage, in Toronto it says, I'm surprised it wouldn't say where you get the tickets. But anyway, I just feel so incredibly lucky that U2 is coming again, and that I have tickets. Take care, everyone.
  4. Hi there, Mr. G, Keep trying! I had trouble getting my tickets, too. But then my daughter got me tickets on her phone. The app on the computer wasn't working . . . but now I have tickets and I'm so excited! Yipeeeee! I've seen U2 so many times, and they have always been GREAT! Phone apps seem to work better at ticketmaster for Toronto, so try again and good luck!
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