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  1. One size does NOT fit all, folks. And yes, the lovely tear was there before I even took it out of the package.
  2. Spoke to soon... hadn’t been updated in a while, but IT’S HERE!!!
  3. Mine has been stick at the post office for nearly a week.
  4. No shipping notification, but this was leaning against my apartment door last night (in a UPS package, of course). Thankfully, I don't have any curious neighbours!
  5. I guess when you break it down, these are the most expensive four MP3's I've ever bought. $6.25 - With Or Without You (1987) $6.25 - With Or Without You (Live 2017) $6.25 - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (1987) $6.25 - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Live 2017) $6.25 - Where the Streets Have No Name (1987) $6.25 - Where the Streets Have No Name (Live 2017) $6.25 - In God's Country (1987) $6.25 - In God's Country (Live 2017) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00 Of course, if you count the fact that I already have the 1987 remasters in the Joshua Tree box set, it seems even more ridiculous: $12.50 - With Or Without You (Live 2017) $12.50 - I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Live 2017) $12.50 - Where the Streets Have No Name (Live 2017) $12.50 - In God's Country (Live 2017) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $50.00
  6. I hear you! Today is the first day since Saturday where my feet don't hurt, lol.
  7. The same videos that played when I saw the band in Chicago played on the screens in Toronto, so my guess would be they will be playing them in Europe as well.
  8. I think Bruce could probably knock this song outta the park. If you're ever in the pit for an E Street Band show, bring a sign requesting it and try to "stump the band"!
  9. I shared the photo I took of the dress to my Facebook friends. It was quite a hit. I caught my wife eyeing my collection of concert t-shirts.
  10. Toronto music journalist Alan Cross posted this today. Quite an impressive overhead shot of the crowd taken from the observation deck at the CN Tower . http://ajournalofmusicalthings.com/hows-photo-u2-concert/
  11. Just saw that they played The Little Things That Give You Away at Foxborough last night. This was my second time seeing the tour, and the second time they've played the new song the night after I saw them. Thanks, guys.
  12. My feet are still sore from the torture I put them through Friday. This whole general admission game is clearly a game for those a little younger and a little more in shape than myself, LOL! But I'm glad I had the time to be able to commit to the general admission experience. This was the first concert in about ten years that I attended alone. Most shows, I'll take my wife. On the off chance I'm seeing an act that my wife has no interest in seeing, or that she's already seen on a particular tour, I'll often take my sister or a friend, but in this case, i decided to go solo. my wife saw the tour in Chicago, and had no interest whatsoever in lining up. I was concerned about feeling claustrophobic with a ton of people so close, but one of the advantages of a rail spot is the fact that you're standing on a metal plate. It's actually really awkward for the people behind you to step on that plate with you, so they have no choice but to give you some space, lol. The folks around me in the lineup and on the floor were fantastic. I've already forgotten the name of the woman to my left... she was wearing a dress that had been fashioned out of an original Joshua Tree t-shirt. To my right was Steph from Burlington, with whom I started out on the wrong foot with as she was making a B-line for the exact spot I was on the tree stage. We quickly became acquainted, though, and put the nastiness behind us. She gave me the greatest compliment as we were waiting between The Lumineers and U2. "Joe, you are so chill right now. I have to tell you, it's making ME chill, too!" (she was a little anxious between sets) These wonderful ladies were also kind enough to make sure my rail spot was still there when I made my way through the crowd to get a pizza slice and a cider.
  13. After taking this shot, Bono was singing One. The ladies around me and I were singing right back at him. I raised my camera to take another photo, but he turned around quickly. I think he may have been anticipating a flash, but I never use the flash during shows.
  14. I take a LOT of photos at concerts. I've gotten into the habit of dimming the screen on my camera so as not to annoy anyone else, but yeah. I do take a LOT of photos. This one that I snapped tonight is, hands down, my favourite pic I've ever taken.
  15. Fantastic show tonight! Mich, it was nice to meet you. I was the guy in the loud Hawaiian shirt. Bono paid tribute to Leonard Cohen tonight by asking the lights to get turned off, and singing a snipped of Cohen's Suzanne while the crowd turned on their cellphone cameras. It was a beautiful thing. I'm getting a little misty thinking about it.
  16. I'll get this damn photo to post if it's the last thing I do! GOOD MORNING, TORONTO!!
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