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  1. YES! 9/25/1987. Philadelphia PA. Memorable moments 1. When Bullet the Blue Sky started....a commercial jet I guess was on it's landing approach and flew dead center over the stage coming from behind it. 2. He let somebody on stage to play his guitar for a song and then, who could forget these words? "Does anybody else want to play my guitar? Bruce Springsteen....Bruce Springsteen wants to play my guitar!....I guess you know him?" and the played Stand By Me. That was 29 1/2 years ago and still burned into my memory banks!
  2. Cool Story - My wife and I went to a show in Chicago for the Vertigo Tour. We had general admission tickets. Got there early enough to be 3 people from the center of the "circle". Needless to say, once the concert got going, it was hot and crazy. It was not for my wife. So, she said, "I'm just going to the back of the floor, I'll meet up with you after". She went to get water and was walking back to the floor and passed the sound section. One of the sound people said, "Hey, is that for me?" meaning the water, she said sure and threw it to him. Well, he let her into the sound sections, sat her on a stool and put production headsets on. She heard the voice feed from Bono's mic,all of the feed back from the production people, etc. etc.. I forget what song they were doing, but she said one point, one of them was yelling....all hyped up....saying,"HE'S ON...HE'S ON....HE IS IN RARE FORM. LISTEN TO HIM TONIGHT. HAVEN'T HEARD HIM THIS GOOD SINCE......" Anyway, since this was about voice and all...she heard the raw voice feed and was amazed....and apparently so was the crew that night. She left with that experience plus some crew (not for public) Vertigo memorabilia...pins, posters, etc..
  3. Fair enough. I just have a very strong feeling that the entire show will have a very very strong political vibe intertwined in it. I like getting opinions from others. Keeps me on the right path. Thanks for the reply. Hoping to see others.
  4. Let me know what you all think of this idea. I don't mind if you don't like it. That's why I'm asking. It's something that came to mind while reading the Rolling Stone article(s) about how the Tour came about. It seems like while there may have been a show...or a few shows...Celebrating the Joshua Tree the idea to make it a tour out of it happened when Trump was elected President of the United States. That's when the brakes were put on the SOE and more thought was put into "the future". I would LOVE to see Bono send a Tweet to the POTUS every night of the tour, during the shows. Similar to the calls he made during the ZOO T.V. shows. The whole world knows he (Trump) can't resist responding to tweets directed at him. And, when the tweet goes out, everybody at the shows can retweet. I'd like to know how the fans feel about this? Maybe, if enough like the idea, the band would take notice and consider it? You never know right? Anyway....at least something good came from this election....THIS TOUR!
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