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  1. I found out what really matters and what does not! My friends and family (that really know me well) came through for me in tremendous ways yesterday! I am so grateful !
  2. 43 374 - Opps, I make a mistake, then edited it!
  3. 43 370 - Good afternoon to you, padawanbeck84 !
  4. Updated cover looks great!
  5. natural11

    Adam _ *POP*

  6. I am glad everything turned out okay for you on the home front, illumumation70! Take care!
  7. "I have never in my life made music for money or fame. God walks out of the room when you're thinking about money." ~ Quincy Jones ~
  8. natural11

    The Edge _ *POP*

  9. Excellent pics of *POP*! THANK you for sharing, pain_18_!!
  10. 43 337- Hey, so good to hear from you! May Art works/inspirations return to you soon, my friend! Do let us ALL know when *POP* vinyl arrive!
  11. 43 328 - Hi, pain_18_ ! I am still here! How are you?
  12. 43 326 - Good night everyone! 11:09 pm and all is well!
  13. I "met" (3 photos with him on my phone with the Barnes and Noble banner behind us) Julian Lennon at a book signing Friday night! His book titled Heal the Earth written for children is EXCEPTIONAL! Go buy one! It helps the White Feather Foundation. Such a lovely man with a message for us all!! ?❤✍?
  14. 43 281 - 8:34 pm and all is well! Goodnight.
  15. 43 263 - 12:36 am count for me! Good morning!
  16. 43 256 - I am raving about my latest culinary art pieces...art tastes so fine!
  17. 43 250 - Time is on your side! Happy Sunday evening 7:17 pm there now! Lol
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