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  1. (This was actually yesterday morning, but it is a good thing that happened....) I checked out a book from the library that that fellow Zootop pain_18_ recommended titled The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo, A Novel by F.G. Haghenbeck. I had requested it a couple of weeks ago because it was not in my town's library. They got it from the Kern County library! I am so thankful for this request system that my area has in place!! It is EXCELLENT ! Thanks again for the recommendation, pain_18_!!!
  2. I needed to see this one again today...makes me want to go jump in the Pacific Ocean...it is only 2 hours drive away, but the petrol costs are not in my budget!! LOL! Thanks again for creating your art work, pain_18_!!!
  3. 42 802 - Good morning one and all in Zootopia-land! @ caz63, we are rooting (or is it routing) for you! @padawanbeck84, congrats on the receiving of your ticket!!! I am sure you will find it when October rolls about!! Coffee cup #1 is half full... (or is it half empty?)...better get a move on here!
  4. padawanbeck84, this is wonderful news! I am thrilled for you and the writing group! The power of art and literature is so amazing!
  5. 42 784 - padawanbeck84, I am sure the group will delight in the piece you were able to print, YAY! pollyanna, I am glad your appointment went well...yikes, it is expensive but taking care of your self is worth all that and so much more! Good for you! Wishing every Zootop far and wide, online or not, an amazing week!
  6. 42 780 - Good morning! Awake at 2:22 am watching old tv shows, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, etc. trying to get back to sleep again. Sorry about your printer, padawanbeck84! It is great to hear that you are writing! I need to get my poems entered from numerous notebooks and journals so I can share them like you are.
  7. Remembering and reflecting on the life and art of Raymond Daniel (Ray) Manzarek, Jr. today ... he would be 79 today.
  8. Went to a home and garden show where I got in for free (my bank gave out free passes) and learned about the propagating of roses and how to plant and care for succulent plants. There's even a local club for succulent plant enthusiasts. I also met a gourd artist and a photographer who are offering classes I may take! Fun day! ???
  9. 42 778 - Good evening now, everyone! @ pollyanna, thanks for mentioning your appointment as I need to book an appointment with my dentist. Canceled it last month and now ready to re-book!??
  10. 42 776 - Good afternoon everyone! Weather where I am is 67 degree Fahrenheit/19.444 Celsius and partly cloudy. It feels like an early spring. I don't think that groundhog's prediction in Pennsylvania applies in California. Cheers to one and all as we begin the week! ♥️?
  11. 42 767 - Yay! Thanks for clarifying, padawanbeck84! Your kind inclusion means so much!!
  12. Welcome to the Zoo baby79, angelabrister, Njord69 and petervandenbroek94....so many newbies!! EnJOY the views in Zootopia-land!
  13. Oh how I would like to have been in Paris on 7 December 2015....lots of depth in this show with all that went on...what else could we expect? I love Paris!
  14. 42 751 - Listening to this while making dinner tonight. A HEART THAT IS BROKENIS A HEART THAT IS OPEN
  15. 42 750 - Yes! “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
  16. I'm not afraid of anything in this worldThere's nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heardI'm just trying to find a decent melodyA song that I can sing in my own companyI never thought you were a foolBut darling, look at youYou gotta stand up straight, carry your own weightThese tears are going nowhere, babyYou've got to get yourself togetherYou've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of itDon't say that later will be better now you're stuck in a momentAnd you can't get out of itI will not forsake, the colours that you bringBut the nights you filled with fireworksThey left you with nothingI am still enchanted by the light you brought to meI still listen through your ears, and through your eyes I can seeAnd you are such a foolTo worry like you doI know it's tough, and you can never get enoughOf what you don't really need now... my oh myYou've got to get yourself togetherYou've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of itOh love look at you nowYou've got yourself stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of itI was unconscious, half asleepThe water is warm till you discover how deep...I wasn't jumping... for me it was a fallIt's a long way down to nothing at allYou've got to get yourself togetherYou've got stuck in a moment and now you can't get out of itDon't say that later will be better nowYou're stuck in a moment and you can't get out of itAnd if the night runs overAnd if the day won't lastAnd if our way should falterAlong the stony passAnd if the night runs overAnd if the day won't lastAnd if your way should falterAlong the stony passIt's just a momentThis time will pass
  17. 42 746 - Hey there, caz63!! Good evening to you. ⛼
  18. 42 745 You are all inspiring me to turn off the TV and read the books I received at Christmas gifts! Thanks everyone! Enjoy!
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