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    U2, singing, electonics, family, friends
    Thinking globally & trying to do something about it.
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    1983 Paramount Theatre Seattle
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    Seattle/ Vancouver 2017
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    Seattle Joshua Tree 2017
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    Today Bono, tomorrow Edge, Adam or Larry
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    No other band comes close, but I do like a bunch of others...

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  1. Eagerly awaiting Songs of Experience Album & Tour

  2. I'm looking forward to having the ticket buying process over with, I'm always much happier when I have guaranteed GA in my pocket. See you soon U2 & U2fam let's meet up in LA & Vegas #U2forU Show
  3. I did a close concert, Vancouver and a distant, Seattle. They were both thrilling for different reasons. You are right, the stage production is amazing and is probably bettèr from the distant view, but the b stage or tree stage is amazing when your close to the rail. The led screen is insane with the 4k definition and is really ground breaking in person. Enjoy your shows, it's going to be epic!
  4. I'm a very passionate U2 fan. Bono stood next to me, front row in 1983 while he sang Sunday Bloody Sunday in the Paramount Theatre, Seattle. He was standing on an orchestra pit rail, I reached out to touch his boot and noticed him waving a finger back and forth, like don't knock me off the rail please. U2 GA started for me in 83, My U2 adventure is still going strong, one day I hope to meet the guys and possibly even get to step on stage with them...

    I can write this basic review on May 9th! Because I am guaranteeing a 5 star performance. This show will be amazing, and if by chance there was any slight differences or should Edge drop his guitar or Larry rip a drum skin during BTBS or if Adam should break 4 bass strings simultaneously or maybe Bono has a vocal anomaly during RHMT.....We will all have an epic trip to opening night of this incredibly historic concert, because we are the U2 tribe and we have each other's backs, we have the band's back's therefore we win by just getting in line at BC Place. 5***** Count on it, you heard it here first.
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