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  1. They’ve missed the boat. The 4K video is ‘out there’ already. They could have had my money for it, but they didn’t want me to be able to purchase it. Now that opportunity is lost. Did they really think the 4K version wasn’t going to find its way to the internet? I did resubscribe in the end, just out of goodwill. Don’t ask me where you can find a copy of the 4K show, I will ignore you.
  2. So a streaming 4K event. We’re getting there... But how do I legally own a 4K version of the full show?
  3. It’s not fair to turn this thread into a U2-fans-are-not-gratefull-for-their-subscription-gift topic. I think we all agree that having this live show as a gift is really something we all want. Maybe even better then last-years wonderful double-cd (WITH DIGITAL DOWNLOAD!!!). I understand that there are still a lot of people out there that are content with a DVD, as they are just happy with with they got and so far fail to see the need for better visual quality. That’s fine too! But it is not fair on those that do prefer to have the 4K High Definition stuff, to make them feel ungr
  4. Seriously, this has to be a mistake. The first half of the show hasn’t been available at all because it wasn’t on the TV broadcast. The whole show was filmed in 4K. Are they really going to release only a DVD (480p) version of it all? I just refuse to believe that. I do think that at some point the whole show will be commercially available in 4K. Maybe jus a digital only release... but I can’t believe it won’t ever be released in 4K. If they are clever they’ll do a physical 2-disc release with one DVD and one BluRay 4k for fanclub only. And a 4K digital only release commercially
  5. The Screen was 4K The show was filmed in 4K Then broadcasted partially in 4K Then released in 480p to the fan club only? This downgrade is an insult to the creative team that filmed and produced the show. I’m sorry, but I struggle to believe all this Producing this show was way more expensive, and only Live Nation getting the subscribers’s money? I’m pretty sure they’ll have to release a complete 4K show somehow. I’ll be waiting for that. If U2.com changes their minds about this, I’m happy to resubscribe, but with no pre-sales in the near future, I’m not
  6. So I just received the shipping confirmation and they did send it to my old address. I replied to the e-mail. Is there anything else I can do to make sure It gets send to the right address?
  7. I read some worrying messages on Social Media about the shipping address being the one used during sign up. Now I'm worried my gift is going to be send to the wrong address. How do I check and/or make sure it is going to be send to the right address?
  8. Situation: I am in Innocence group. (U2.com member). I have purchased the vinyl on U2.com, so I am also in Pre-sale group, which is after innocence group but before general public. I want to see two shows from one city, but there is only one show available. the 2nd show would need to be announced later. Questions: Can I save my pre-sale code for a later to-be-announced show (from the same city)? Can I save my innocence code for a later to-be-announced show (from the same city)?
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