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  1. Ok thanks, I can buy 2 tickets for any show regardless leg? The ticket limit this year was 4 right?
  2. How Many Tickets can I buy? What is the ticket limit?Verified U2.com Subscriber can purchase 2 tickets for any U2eiTour show(s) I used my 2017 subscription code in The Joshua Tree Tour, if I renew for 2018 and use my subscriber code to buy 2 tickets in a Europe Leg for example, I couldn’t use it in a hypothetical South American leg?
  3. Nice, in Bogotá we didn't have glasses with the logo tour, even in Red Zone, only Coca Cola and its glasses.
  4. The official souvenirs that I bought the concert's day (and my collector souvenir ticket)
  5. Bono was talking but we were trying to draw the Adam's attention, he gave us his smile.
  6. Bono ask us lights so they could looks like the yellow butterflies of Garcia Marquez.
  7. So sorry, I had periscope installed on my iPhone for to send you videos but unfortunately the cell phone signal/coverage was too bad, too much people and El Campín stadium hasn't WIFI
  8. Oh don't be shy You don't have to go blind Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me
  9. I have "If God will send his angels" stuck in my head about a week
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