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  1. Agree...it's confusing. TM should reflect the same info that's on u2.com.
  2. If you're trying for Mexico City, Wires presale should be open now. Did you try from this link? http://u2.com/presale Your code should also be on that page.
  3. Which city are you wanting to get tickets for?
  4. The confusing part is that TM lists all these different options for presale. Shouldn't there just be Red Hill, Wires and General Public?
  5. I saw these too and wondered how they could be available. Seriously, thanks to all the moderators for answering questions. I will be so grateful if I get to see U2 just once in my lifetime. Are the general admission tickets seated or is it standing space only?
  6. Thanks Max! I'll make sure I'm on it. I'm so excited they're coming to Minneapolis!
  7. Forgive me a newbie question, but do the presale tickets sell out quickly? I've wanted to see U2 forever and I'm not missing my chance this time!
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