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  1. In my past VF experiences, you can (and should) register for each city you want to go to. I received codes for 3 different cities in one go-round. You'll just need to pay attention to ticket limits and prioritize when actually buying the tickets. since it doesn't ask for a city preference through the fan club/Ticketmaster linkup process, I'm assuming that fan club member codes will be usable st any show once tix go on (pre)sale for us. the Citi presale seems to be running through the VF system where you need to register for each city you are interested in and will get a different
  2. We didn't see it on the ones we looked at either, but glad to see RZ here.
  3. Can a mod please confirm? ive seen several posts here stating people had to renew their U2 dot com subscription in order to complete the Ticketmaster link-up, but I did not have to do so and mine says "setup complete". I DID use my JT2017 code for four tickets, so since I was able to complete the setup does that mean I will get a code or do I need to purchase an additional year's membership?
  4. But I think the fact that they announced TWO tours in one year affects that? I purchased my membership when the 2nd NA leg of JT2017 was announced, this past summer. So if I'm understanding correctly, my membership (valid June 2017 - June 2018) entitled me to a code for that tour announcement. Now that they are announcing ANOTHER tour within my membership period, I have to purchase an additional year's membership in order to access the new presale. 1 per year of membership.
  5. Ok. I am so confused here. My membership currently expires 06/2018. I bought my 4 JT2017 tickets earlier this year with my code. i have already completed the Ticketmaster portion, so my account info shows "setup complete". But in order to be eligible for e&i presale tix, I still need to renew my U2 dot com membership, is that correct? having participated in several verified fan presales over the last year, I can say this will be a damn disaster. The system is not thwarting bots/resellers IN THE LEAST and only making things more difficult for fans, es
  6. The victim was ALLEGEDLY dealing heroin. The victim had a gun planted on him by the indicted officer. The indicted officer said "i'm going to kill this motherfucker" before approaching Anthony Lamar Smith's vehicle or seeing this imaginary weapon. The indicted officer was carrying and used a weapon that he was not authorized to have on duty. No officer is empowered to be judge, jury, & executioner. No human deserves to be shot in the street this way. #blacklivesmatter #anthonylamarsmith
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