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  1. After 95 minutes and several browser movements and changes, got 3 tickets that I don't consider a rip-off
  2. Thanks. Main page showed me a lot of availability but couldn't complete the purchase, an error message kept showing up. Now no tickets show up due to another error message.
  3. Is someone else having issues? Can't buy tickets from any section or price
  4. Thanks, everyone! Couldn´t get a TM confirmation so I'll have to wait for Verified Fan sale
  5. I'll try to get GA tickets for Chicago N2 through Citi presale. I would use a credit card from a friend and since I'm from Mexico, the only delivery method available for me is Will Call where presenting the original credit card and an ID is required. Do you know if after the purchase I would be able to change the credit card to show at Will Call? It would not be a Citi CC but it has my name on it. Or maybe another option to pick up the tickets without the original credit card holder being there?
  6. Well, yeah, fees are a gold mine for TM but for me the root cause remains on the people. Companies (TM, Stubhub, Viagogo, etc.) are 'just' serving as intermediares. If there's someone willing to pay 1,000 for a GA ticket, there will be a market of scalpers and bots to make that happen. When people stop purchasing tickets other than face value prices, maybe things will get better.
  7. Is Ticketmaster making money out of Verified Resale tickets? I understand that the person who bought them and wants to sell them through the platform is the one who sets the price. Verified Resale is not a bad idea for those who, under any circumstance, NEED to get back what they paid for. and obviously for the ones who want to buy because it gives you a certain guarantee. What TM should forbid on their platform is to make a profit, only face value should be allowed.
  8. No CC entry, at least for East coast shows. Apparently only Will Call or tickets sent to home. In my experience, it was a very quick process (less than 2 minutes) and the link from u2.com worked better than the one sent by text.
  9. Just got mine for Chicago. It was easier than JTTour
  10. I think texts have alrady been sent. In my case, they sent me an email with the code because sms couldn’t be sent due to country codes. Link and code ready for presale.
  11. I have two General Admission (Gral A) tickets for 10/3 show at Foro Sol Mexico City Face Value: 165 USD or 3,000 MXN each. Already printed, could be delivered on the weekend.
  12. I think it's U2 team. Ticketmaster sent me an email a month ago explaining that the address RedZone@U2JoshuaTreeTour.com will be the one sending an email the details a week before the show.
  13. Uber and Cabify are cheaper options than hotel transportation, and both have the booking option. IMO, hotel cab single trip from Foro Sol to Zona Rosa should not be higher than 20-25 USD.
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