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  1. Unfortunately, corruption in Brazil is in all areas, including the sale of tickets. We need U2 Production to help us, because it's the fans who are suffering with so much neglect.
  2. Sorry for my poor English; It is an outburst of a fan who can not watch the U2 Tours because, again, the company that sells tickets does not respect the fans of the U2. The tickets that squeeze in 01 hour are sold by profiteers for triple the price. I was queued for 4 hours and could not buy anything. Why does U2 only tour in Sao Paulo? There are other cities in Brazil besides Sao Paulo like Rio, Salvador, Porto Alegre. There are thousands of fans who are being exploited in the name of Love. What more n the name of love? See for youtube Vertigo 2006, 360 2011 and now, the Joshua Three 2017? I'm sad, disappointed, because they stole my dream, my time ... for nothing. I still love U2, but I'm stuck for not getting my ticket. Something is very wrong
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