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  1. Well after reading all this I am really hoping and PRAYING that the LA Forum does the EXACT same thing they did for the 2015 shows! Get there at the time they stated in the email, ( I'm sure that there was a list and people waiting all night long) but I got there soon after 8 in the morning, did have to write my name in the notebook and get a number, but soon afterwards they gave us the wristbands and said we were good to go. Just come back at 4pm and get in line based on your number. It was very organized and super fast. Gosh am I praying for that to happen!! If not Ugh!! Only because my friend wants to do this all day thing would I deal with this crap. ?
  2. Hey there are GA's available now! They are verified resale tix though. It does have red zone up still.
  3. Well I assume hard core fans start a line somewhere before hitting the venue. I don't know who was in charge but I loved the way the forum was run!! Sooooo not stressful!
  4. Nope. Nothing came for me and I'min southern Cali.
  5. I was able to get 1 GA for LA2 but it wasn't easy.! At first the system would not work. Then it would say "sorry try later" IT took 25 minutes into it to score one on my phone! It was very stressful and I'm glad I'm done.
  6. Is anybody trying for the verified sale tomorrow?? just wondering if THIS sale will be smoother than the last ones.
  7. Yup. Actual tickets for GA! Got them through snail mail. No CC entry this go around.
  8. It would have been nice to have the option of getting the download vs. the hard copy! My email just gave hard copies AND I won't even get them till Dec. 12th! I guess DHL is slow getting to Southern Cali!
  9. Well just got am email from TM. My cds are on their way! Sending through DHL ground. Anybody else get this email?
  10. Got the email next day of purchasing tickets through TM. It didn't give me an option of download though. That was last week. I knew better than to assume I would get the CD today! If I'm lucky I might see it sometime next week!
  11. I also remember Propaganda days. Got 3 floor seats to see them in the Popmart tour at the LA COLISEUM. Good times back then. I didn't sign up when they switched to online. Life got in the way. With the following tours at least for me I always got GAs for at least 1 show for each tour ( except 360 tour) via general sale. These last 2 tours are the total opposite. Having to spend money to be part of this site is no biggie for me because none of my peeps or family get my " U2 CRAZYNESS!" I know people get it here or why even bother with this pre-sale stress. I've been lucky to have the opportunity to get GAs after this fiasco ONLY thanks to the mods hard work on fans behalf! So keep faith and hopefully more fans will be helped as well!!!
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