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  1. Yes, count me in as well. What do we need to do . Not new to U2 but still navigating this site. Peace, love.
  2. Songs of ascent as a trilogy fits right into Bono's Christian faith and he'll liken it to the father , son and Holy Spirit . Just watch .
  3. I sure did, but after struggling with the pre sale, I just said F it and went to the third party sellers. I'm making this tour "my thing" next year. I have cleared my schedule as much as possible and I'm doing it .... I waited 30 years to do this or be able to and it's probably the only time I'll be able to do this so go big or go home. Or go to the front of the stage. . And I would really love to know how to do that. That's all.
  4. okay good to know . i'm on facebook. i'm just trying to not look like a kook ! and of course all my tickets I ended up buying through a third party online vendor so it's not like they'll know by my tickets purchased through the web site , live nation or ticket master. okay here goes ... wish me luck and i'll take all the pointers you have to share .
  5. thank you for patience with me being a newbie me at all this.. well, only a newbie in terms of attempting to follow my 30 year love of this band . sentimental for too many reasons to bore you all with and my own 'cosmic rhyme ' with this band , I figure i have one shot next summer to follow them around and satisfy my bucket list wish of meeting and dancing with them . how does one get on this fan list ?
  6. Okay, clue me in. I'm new at this groupie thing. What is this list you speak of? Are you gonna tell me young hot chicks only? Do I get credit for "back in the day?" Sigh.....
  7. I have GA tickets in several cities and it's the first time i've done GA. Some just say floor and others have row numbers that say row 1. did i really purchase front row and if so does that mean i don't have to wait outside the arena for four hours hoping to get up front ? Tulsa is the only show that doesn't have a row number on the tickets . oh and boston , the first night ad well. all my others , atlanta, nashville and MSG claim to be row 1 . what's the deal ?
  8. Awww , thanks. That's kind of what I figured. I can't say I blame them.
  9. Does anyone know if the band members do a meet and greet ever ? We've looked to buy tickets if they were available, but so far nothing. I'm guessing, at this point, it's something they just don't do? Would love to know.
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