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  1. on the contrary the other 3 look great! Especially Larry .
  2. so far this tour, his voice sounds great but his energy seems to be missing. I know it will never be the 80/90's Bono again but I am kinda surprised because I hadn't noticed it as much on the JTT.
  3. Everything about this era of U2 is the best IMO. AB, Zoo TV, Zooropa (and Im goin to add Pop too)
  4. While I like the new album I'd be sad if they took up 8 slots from it for the show. So much better stuff to play in their massive catalog.
  5. If any of you have a Instagram, send me a request, would love to follow your U2 ventures. I'll be posted a lot from the Atlanta show in May, @timmyallenwvu
  6. Thats the beautiful thing about U2, each decade is unique and appeals to different people. My favorite era is the 90's. The complete reinvention of themselves blows my mind anytime I think of it. The transition from the Rattle and Hum U2 to the Achtung Baby U2 is night and day. Took balls and I am so glad they did it. AB, Zooropa, and Pop have meant more to me than any other music ever created and I credit them for helping me through the rough teenage years.
  7. Long time fan but just recently came aboard here (to get the presale).. I am rather young for a U2 diehard (32) and my favorite U2 albums are Achtung Baby, Pop, JT and Zooropa. But I honestly don't think think there's a bad one either.
  8. Pride was amazing this past tour... But I do agree. I truly believe ONE is right up their with the best songs EVER written but it does seem to have lost the luster live since the 90s. Also I thought that Ultraviolet was the best song for 360 but it didn't have the same luster this past year live. Hopefully they'll be pulling out some hidden gems from AB this tour.
  9. I'd be okay if they never played the big 2 from ATYCLB and Vertigo. Theres so many more songs with great substance that their REAL fanbase would appreciate more IMO. They treat those three like its WTSHNN....
  10. I think anything from Zoo Tv is the best version especailly Running To Stand Still
  11. Tryin to throw your arms around to world... Lemon.... Anything off POP
  12. My all time favorite U2 album and its like pulling teeth to even get them to acknowledge they put it out
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