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  1. If you go into your account at bookmyshow, it gives you the option to resend your conformation. Click that, you should get an email confirming your order and telling you to pick up your ticket at the stadium on the 14th or 15th.
  2. Purchased the ticket from the United Kingdom. No problem with the bank, the form was set upper foreign numbers..it just fails at not giving us an e-ticket option or a will, call closer to the show.
  3. You do such a good job at times I think we take you for granted. Without your help these forays into foreign ticket systems would not work. All of us owe you a deep amount of gratitude.
  4. I tried to communicate with the customer service person, a very nice girl, but other than reading what the voucher says she was no big help. On their mobile page you can access what actually looks like a ticket but it too says "pick up". You guys have solved more problems for me over the years that I feel a bit guilty about dumping this on you but any information you could get would be helpful.Thanks.
  5. Help. Everything went smoothly until I read my pickup instructions: I'm supposed to pick up the ticket at the stadium between September 24 and November 15. I won't be in the country until the day before the show, Suggestions on what I should do? Thanks
  6. I'm sad to see U2 being used to give cover to the church/cult that owns the Philippines Arena. I never thought I'd see these guys play a venue whose purpose is to convey status on an organization long accused of major human rights violations ( https://www.facebook.com/Philippine-Arena-of-Iglesia-Ni-Cristo-a-Human-Rights-Violator-2053977124879232/ ). The accusations appear to be substantive: Canada has given asylum to those fleeing from the cult/church ( https://usa.inquirer.net/9888/canada-grants-asylum-iglesia-ni-cristo-dissident ). U2 needs to address this or, IMHO, the hypocrisy will tarni
  7. It may turn out to be the smoke / fog but I doubt it. I was on the rail main stage and I didn’t note anything particularly unusual. It was a bit warm, but nothing out of the ordinary. His voice seemed really strong during I Will Follow. Felt we were in for an exceptional show. Glad they didn’t take chances. Beautiful Day was painful to watch. Really admire Bono’s dedication and courage but health needs to come first. Look forward to returning to Berlin and finishing what we started.
  8. Apparently a lot more than they have now. I was just trying to point out the obvious: One? In ticket distribution they are pitting region against region, class against class... Instead of bashing Stubhub, folks may want to glance at that paragon of anti-scalping, Ticketmaster, at their TicketsNow site ( http://www.ticketsnow.com/resaleorder/u2-tickets/event/892?EID=892 ). They are able to verify the legitimacy of the resales because they sold the friggen tickets in the first place!
  9. In revenge, in Europe let's hope Barclays sponsors the tour with a pre-sale that knocks the Americans out!
  10. Same here. That happened to me several times and was absolutely frustrating. This TM interface really stinks.
  11. One unanswered item...how will drops work now? I usually source my tickets through drops close to the show date, often a day or two out, once the stage has been put in. As we have two red zones this tour (one reason for the reduced GA distribution) I'd suggest GA drop potential is quite high until things sort themselves out. I can't see TM reaching out to waitlisted verified fans (that would cost money) so I assume drops will be an old fashioned free for all. Or not?
  12. I've now been through three Verified Fan processes. The first one was a disaster, TM more or less acknowledged mistakes were made and did the right thing for those of us impacted during the second go round. That was Springsteen. The VF process went smoothly for me this time, Innocence, as well until I tried to get tickets. From "please try again" to "another fan beat you to the tickets" I've never had this trouble taking tickets from selection to checkout. If the tickets are in the box ready for checkout they should be there if you don't dwadle for purchase. That doesn't seem to be a VF p
  13. Same situation. I'm waiting on the actual ticket before booking train and accommodation - Ticketmaster has screwed me over in the past with errors. This is just another example of experimental ticketing schemes not fully worked out before being implemented. I'd like to leave tomorrow but unless I want to search for an internet cafe with printing capabilities I'm stuck here until the tickets are released.
  14. Wow. It's going to be crazy here when Ticketmaster starts deciding who is a Verified Fan and who is not. David Guetta will be playing 20 minutes longer than U2 - maybe his fans should get all the tickets!
  15. Let me try to answer a question and ask one: 1. Verified Fan will not be used in Europe. It can't be. European competition law prohibits the type of monopoly tie ins ticketing companies have with venues in the States. I don't know what they are going to do, but it won't be Verified Fan so I wouldn't worry so much about these things if you are a Euro wanting to see Euro shows. 2. The question: The magic UK 0. When you put in your number in the fan club verified site without a 0 it adds it. In the general verified site it does not. Any guess whether we should use it there? This i
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