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  1. Perhaps this is revenge for having to hand-deliver all the albums?
  2. I wonder what Thanksgiving dinner with wolves would be like. Maybe you scarf down your well-earned feast after hunting it.
  3. I know, what kind of crazy purist expects people to stick to just 20 favorite U2 songs? P.S. You live in an interesting location. Were you eaten by the wolves, or just raised by them?
  4. Eternal rest grant unto Malcolm Young, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him, and may he rest in peace. Amen.
  5. He's learning to fly, but he ain't got wings Or should that be so long, Angel of Mexico City?
  6. Miss Muffet will rise, Miss Muffet will fall, from the sheer face of love, like a fly on a wall . . . Yet another great cartoon, Brendan.
  7. Thanks, Karen. purrrrrrrrrrrrr
  8. Europa_Thomas

    Tactical Blunders

    A wedding of 2 loves: U2 and cartoons.
  9. From the album: Tactical Blunders

    U2's music soothes the savage bronze beast.

    © Europa Thomas/Penelope Laird

  10. Great list. Hopefully, you won't get arrested or beat up for liking "New York" without being from it. Of course, I have a Turkish friend whose favorite song is Cedarwood Road, and they haven't pinned the rap on him yet, or caught all the people with normal addresses who love "Where the Streets Have No Name." :-D
  11. I am one of those younger (though not entirely new) fans.
  12. Amen, Mr. Angell, I wanted to make it to a JT at 30 concert, which didn't work out, but I will get to go to an I and E one, where I will get to hear new and old songs, and I look forward to them all.
  13. An excellent song, as are the other 5 you mentioned, But you're allowed to pick 20 favorites here, where are the other 14?
  14. Dang, U2's 3 new songs are as controversial as Taylor Swift's 3 new songs. I'm on the side that likes all 6 of these new songs.
  15. I accept that perspective too, and I've found the best loves songs are the most meaningful ones. Songs written for real girls, or at least about deep, lasting love from flirting to dating to engagement to marriage. For example, Sting has several loves songs that don't stop at the dating stage but sing of marriage and a lifetime of love ("Straight to my Heart" "When We Dance"). Also, "You're the Best Thing About Me" works so well because Bono really means it, and Ali really is the best thing about him. That song comes from a lifetime of love, 35 years of marriage and several preceding years of
  16. That's beautiful and wonderful. God Bless you and your family (and the 4 boys from Ireland.)
  17. I have a theory that "You're the Best Thing About Me" is more popular with the girls in U2's fanbase than with the guys (except perhaps the lucky guys who have girls they can sing and play it to). Girls tend to prefer softer songs, and many of us long for lovely guys who will sing the same thing for us (or dance it or paint it or bake it, depending on his talents) and lovely guys for whom we can be the best thing. Or maybe my theory's a bunch of bunk and I'm just weird and like yet another unpopular U2 song (I may be the only person in the world who likes "Get On Your Boots", but anyone out th
  18. I love it too. I want to meet and marry a man who will sing it for me, and I want to really be the best thing about that man.
  19. But if I did have pasta and donuts with Bono and Weird Al, there'd have to be an EMT nearby, because there's a good chance I could choke with laughter and good food in my throat from talking to those 2.
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