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  1. Hi all! I'm so happy that I just got two GAs for St. Louis as part of the 2nd presale group. However, I'm still stressed out because my cousin is supposed to be coming with my sister and me and she couldn't get any GAs. When I bought them on Ticketmaster, I was surprised to see they're paper tickets and will be mailed to me. Is this correct? They're plain old "normal" paper tickets like in the past? I'm hoping that my cousin will be able to either get a GA during the public onsale or buy one from another fan or something. Thoughts? Help? We're also really hoping that they add more shows...MINNEAPOLIS! We'll be road tripping to St. Louis for the first time in May. God, this whole presale thing is so stressful!! Hope you're all having good luck! Angela
  2. Hello! I SOMEHOW managed to get two GAs for the St. Louis show for my sister and myself just now! There's a problem, however. My cousin who is also supposed to come with us wasn't able to log in in time so she couldn't find any GAs. When I bought my tickets, I noticed that they're PAPER, normal tickets now?? Is that correct? So I assume....selling/buying/trading should work out fine like it has for past tours? I need ONE more GA for St. Louis for my cousin. Auuugh! Jesus, this is so stressful. Thoughts? Angela Minneapolis, MN
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