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  1. Is Red Zone allowed to go back and forth from the GA area? Is Red Zone allowed in before GA?
  2. Cool, so if I'm there at 5, I should get a good spot? What time does U2 come on?
  3. What time are doors opening for GA? I imagine it varies but curious what everyone else's experience was. Also, are segregating people to different sides of the stage based on your tickets?
  4. Best presale ever? Thanks for rubbing it in. As you can see, no one in the innocence group got any GA tickets...
  5. Yeah, is it stupid to keep trying? They should at least tell us how many total there are. 500? 1000?
  6. Do we know they are sold out? Is it possible they are doing some BS where they release them in batches?
  7. DO we know for sure all these shows are sold out? Isn't it possible they are releasing GA in batches?
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