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  1. It's working for me now and it does seem like its on demand
  2. Thanks! On demand would be perfect as well rather than a continuous loop !
  3. Someones letting fireworks off around the corner. Were they watching the stream lol?
  4. "Thanks for giving us a good life"
  5. The Tattoo one.. Edge said to get a wash bag lol
  6. I really hope it is.. they answered my question!
  7. Its on demand for 48 hours so hope that includes the q&a part
  8. Please tell me this is being recorded
  9. Adam just skipped past Popmart haha
  10. Whats the point of having a chatroom and then closing it haha
  11. Looking forward to the giveaways and competitions
  12. Still so many questions that need answering. Is this for subscribers only Will it be available for 48 hours? Is it in HD and 5.1?
  13. They're leaving it a bit late to announce all the info aren't they?
  14. No. I received the Live Songs of IE because I renewed in November 2019. My subscription is up for renewal in a couple weeks so that's why I'm asking now. I don't want the Berlin DVD, and would rather have the 2021 gift instead without having to wait until November 2021 to receive it, when I renew again. Hopefully they announce the 2021 gift soon because they normally announce it around November time. Otherwise I might just have let me subscription lapse and subscribe again when the 2021 gift is announced.
  15. My subscription expires within the next 30 days. I am yet to renew for 2020 so when I do I will receive the Berlin DVD. However I do not want this gift when I renew, and I would rather have the 2021 gift (although its not been announced yet). Who do I ask to see if this is possible and what's the likeliness of them having adding a month to by subscription so I can choose the 2021 gift?
  16. How will Edge and Adam be answering the questions? Are they being filmed or are they replying on here?
  17. This is cool. Assume it will be in HD judging by the Boston YouTube videos. Will it be available for 48 hours like the other u2.com streams?
  18. There's a really big market for things like this and it surprises me they haven't done it yet. They could remaster all of their official concert releases to 4K (or whatever the best quality they can depending if it was taped on video etc), include Paris 2015 and Berlin 2018, include all the remastered videos they're putting on YouTube and have it in one big box set. They could easily charge £300 for that and it would fly off the shelves.
  19. Another lazy release. Wouldn't expect anything else from an official U2 release tbh.
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