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  1. Hollywoodswag- love the big overlap between our setlists! We both think it would be great to bring back A Sort of Homecoming, Kite, Gloria, Electric Co, two songs from Pop (Gone and Last Night on Earth) and Unknown Caller. Not sure they'll do SOI songs on this tour though, especially if they cut out some of the 'hits'. I like personally including Desire and Angel of Harlem from Rattle and Hum, Breathe from NLOTH... and Until The End of the World and The Fly from Achtung, Zoo Station and Mysterious ways are OK... But isn't a 30th anniversary Achtung Stadium Tour just a few years off after this
  2. So, summarizing comments so far, this tour will be for more hardcore fans (arena vs stadium, new album vs Joshua Tree), and some of the songs people want brought back are Gloria, A Sort of Homecoming, Kite. Beyond that there's minor differences of opinion! Here's my version 2.0 incorporating comments (then i'll stop!): Setlist: The Blackout / American Soul / Until The End of the World / Unknown Caller / Gone / Desire / Ordinary Love / Elevation / Vertigo / You're the Best Thing About Me / Gloria / Angel of Harlem / Beautiful Day / Last night on Earth / The Electric Co / Bad / Breathe / W
  3. Well the All That You Can't Leave Behind Tour started with Elevation --> Beautiful Day. That was a great pair - and Beautiful Day is obviously a centre-piece kind of song. I think The Blackout --> American Soul in terms of lyrics, energy, etc would really get the audience rocking from the get-go. We shall see!
  4. Thanks for the commentary EnriqueDiaz! if they drop ISHFWILF and add in Pride, are u good to go?? Or A Sort of Homecoming? I played around listening to the setlist so each song flowed nicely and consistent with prior tour structures, but sounding fresh by mixing in some good songs from Pop, Rattle & Hum and NLOTH. We just did an all-greatest hits tour with the Joshua Tree 30th Tour, now time to dust off a lot of fan favs for this one! One thing is for sure, the best opening pair of songs would be The Blackout into American Soul - must happen.
  5. Having seen multiple U2 concerts every tour for 30+ years, and putting a little thought into it, here's my dream setlist (in order!) for the upcoming Tour. Setlist: The Blackout / American Soul / Until the End of the World / Unknown Caller / Gone / Desire / Ordinary Love / Vertigo / Please / Electric Co / Angel of Harlem / Beautiful Day / Gloria / Bad / You’re the Best Thing About Me / Elevation / Breathe / Walk On. Encores: Get Out of Your Own Way / Where the Streets Have No Name / Kite / The Fly / Lights of Home / Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Thou
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