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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH mich40. GOT THEM!!!!!!!!! I'd clicked through trying to find those same tickets twice earlier and they were not avail so I assumed RED was the only option. You saved me money and sanity The passion and intensity and the...volume of this process is really something to behold. Damn! I appreciate you and all the other mods helping people even in all these above and beyond ways. Here's a great background track to help with relaxation. Super helpful for me and I have it on now to decompress after just an hour or so in this hahhhahaha. I'm sure there are so many people freaking out at/with/near you during this time. Rock on
  2. Oh no! They're still showing up as clickable even though they're sold out? Bummer. Thank you for checking.
  3. I'm on the RED Zone Belfast page. Tickets are showing up as available. Presale code is working. I select my seat and get the following error. On different browsers, on mobile, after clearing cookies, using an incognito browser. All the same. I've tried literally every number for every Ticketmaster provided office and it's an automated number with no ability to buy tickets or the call simply isn't going through
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