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    piano / keyboards - check out my cover of EBW ;)
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    too many
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    Elevation, Chicago (Leg 1)
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  1. 1 ticket should be a breeze. the website puts you in a virtual queue though when the tickets launch. you just gotta keep your fingers crossed.
  2. Roger that, Max. At least you and Mich have the power to merge threads. FB is a whole different animal. (Moreover, one can simply request to be a mod / admin for a better community - but by not doing so...) Why should a community (and rare lively discussion) be split when there isn't a need for it to be. SG is already a teensy weensy little market, with not enough U2 fans. I used to be a user of the original zootopia almost 2 decades ago. (Are those ancient threads part of the archives? Lol) and I'm delighted to see kevindylan and others have been lurking around here for such a long time too. Anyways, I do hope everyone gets their hands on the ticket they want - subscribers & non-subscribers included! Keep the buzz going!
  3. Alrighty, Heshan. (This is gonna be the one & only post on this. I tried to txt you on FB, please check. Let's get back to talking about the boys spending rare time in Asia - and for some of us zootopians, figuring out how to have fun catching them doing so. LOL) Wasn't expecting an explanation about ranks and stuff, but if you feel justified and happy, no worries. The rest of us have been on FB since way back (perhaps even before you became a fellow U2 fan), so we know what groups exist. Yes, new "destination FB groups" were created (for other cities)... moreover you yourself was part of this group and everyone was already talking about the Singapore show. (And btw, what does the FB group banner pic say, buddy? It was someone else who updated the pic even before the announcement.) Is it really necessary to isolate the rest from the rare buzz, and also from the related discussions of having U2 in Singapore (with yet another group for the same city), some of whom might not get to go to the SG show due to personal circumstances. Oh well, whatever turns you on. 🤷‍♂️ Let's look forward to a great close to 2019 this Nov / Dec, everyone. ✌ (Heshan, please see my sincere txt / dm to you in FB.) "Walk on, walk on What you ..." MOD EDIT: This is a discussion better suited to be done in private. If you want to continue it, please do it in PM. Thanks.
  4. Nice, Heshan. Your enthusiasm is infectious. This was the original group that existed since 2007, and we hope everyone can be long-term members and engage one another positively - even beyond Joshua Tree 2019. 🤘😄 www.facebook.com/groups/u2singapore Cheers, everyone!
  5. Appreciate the compliments, dmway. I bet they're quite easy to look up - just put the band name into youtube. 👍
  6. I think the group U2two is pretty darn good. Nonetheless, though I'm not a "band", this is my humble cover of a great song (I wish there were more piano-based U2 songs - love love love "SWEETEST THING"): www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rGrKpksfXU
  7. Anyone seeing this thread, feel free to join in the discussions here ✌️: www.facebook.com/groups/u2singapore
  8. Max / Mich / mods, what if I used my subscriber code for tix at one of the other gigs, can I still use it for the Singers gig?
  9. No section / seat # for me too. But, Andy, since you're familiar with Japan aren't they the world-best in mindfulness, planning and execution? I wouldn't expect anything less than satisfactory when they finally allocate the section & seat.
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