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  1. What a night it was yesterday ! Thank you U2 and everyone who worked to make this happen. All you admins, @mich40 @Max Tsukino and any else that I may have missed, thank you very much for your support and help with everything about this concert. I really hope the band does a Zoo TV (Achtung Baby) 30 years tour in 2021-2022 just like they did with The Joshua Tree. Once again, thank you for everything.
  2. Yes, it came in yesterday but was flagged by gmail as spam. Thanks.
  3. mich40, I got the email. It was indeed flagged by gmail as spam. Recovered it. Thanks. All set now.
  4. ok, will do. Thanks. Checked junk/spam folders, nothing so far.
  5. 👍🤘..seems like a Red Zone ticket.. How was the experience? Would you be in the Red Zone for Mumbai show too?
  6. Thanks xrayjets ! That helps. Yes, I'll keep an eye :)..
  7. Thanks mich40 ! 6 days to go but have not received any email as of now. I'll wait.
  8. So, just to confirm, Red Zoners will need to pick up ticket at the venue on the day of the concert itself, correct? If the show's time is 4pm as it says, how early should we be there?
  9. On the Red Zone ticket it says 14th Dec and 15th Dec , 11am-8pm... so I guess 2 days available for pickup..
  10. Yes, I was in the Wires group. It was very easy and straightforward.
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